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3 Tried and Tested – Emergency Response Essentials!

By November 17, 2020January 4th, 2023Safety Equipment

Wouldn’t all manufacturers dream of a product launch like the iPhone 12, the latest Xbox or Playstation Gaming Consoles, or wish they could generate the excitement sneaker heads feel over the next Jordan shoe drop? Think of the hype, the anticipation, the preorders, and droves of consumers camping outside retail outlets just to be first with the latest and greatest. (Lines spanning even longer due to social distancing)

However, these items too were once new to market. Years before their track record of a fantastic user experience, these products were unheard of and needed to be explained and demoed. You’re probably wondering, what does any of this have to do with W.B. Mason?

Over the past 8 months, we have seen thousands of new products hit the market in reaction to changing customer needs during this pandemic. Our organization has taken a real crash course in personal protective equipment, health & safety supplies, and social distancing equipment throughout this time. Every pandemic related item is subject to a vigorous quality assurance process to ensure this is an item we can get behind and proudly deliver to one of our wonderful customers. It’s exhausting!

With that being said, we’ve come across a few of these great items that still feel like a best-kept secret, and certainly could benefit from a hyped product launch. Here are 3 of our favorite safety products that customers are falling in love with once they kick the tires on them during a demonstration.

1. The StripSensor

Temperature checks seem to have become a thing of the norm these days. You may have received one when visiting the doctors, the gym, or even a retail store. These reoccurring checks are pulling employees away from their everyday jobs and instead posting them up at an entry point to stop incoming visitors, remove their hat, and scan their forehead – all in one fluid motion as the anxious recipient of the scan is trying to hurry off to their destination. Remember employers, you’re paying someone to do this!

Instead, imagine a product that does this all for you. Enter the StripSensor: A Thermal Entry Point Temperature System that detects up to 300 readings per minute. This unit sits neatly on a stand directly next to an entry point and allows individuals to continue about their lives normally without having to stop and stand in front of a camera to be detected.  So how exactly does it work? When an individual entering a building has an elevated temperature, a red LED will flash and a photograph is taken of the individual. This photo will then show up on the user’s interface both on their computer or phone app. Check out this video for additional demonstration information.

2. The Foot Pedal Stand

Wear Your Mask, Social Distance, Wash Your Hands, and Sanitize Frequently. These instructions have become as common place as Rinse, Lather, Repeat. So, when running an office, bank, restaurant, or any business, it’s important to ensure there are plenty of sanitizing opportunities for your guests. Sounds simple enough, but tell me if just once in the last few months you chose not to sanitize your hands because the bottle of sanitizer looked grosser than the germs it was supposedly killing? We’ve all been there. What if we told you that there was a hand sanitizing unit that’s not only more hygienic, but also looks great too?

Sample the Germs Be Gone Foot Pedal Activated Sanitizer Dispenser. This unit’s sleek stainless-steel design allows for a hands-free dispensing of sanitizer, while also fitting the esthetic of a room, lobby, counter space, or any high traffic area. The hand pump at the top of the unit makes it ADA compliant. We have sold these items to commercial customers, municipalities preparing for their local elections, as well as schools and universities. The refill unit is a 32oz. Bottle of Germs Be Gone Hand Sanitizer (which is a quality hand sanitizer brand you should try if you have not yet.)

3. Misters and Sprayers

Even Prior to the Pandemic, misting was becoming a bigger trend in the commercial cleaning space. When paired with a disinfectant bearing effective claims against COVID-19 like NCL’s Avistat D or Betco’s Green Earth peroxide cleaner, these mobile sprayers and misters more efficiently disinfect all high touch areas within office spaces, nursing homes, airports, or anywhere large groups may gather or pass though.

A user simply stands approximately 2–4 feet away from surfaces and sprays or “mists” individual surfaces using a side-to-side motion, ensuring all desired areas are covered with disinfectant. Users are not required to wipe surfaces down after use, but may wish to wipe certain surfaces in order to remove visible residue on items such as glass or a mirror. Your choice of spraying units can range from simple Handheld Misters to larger units like the Tornado Vapor or Minuteman DS2. Be sure to check out our video on Misters & Sprayers.

Bonus Suggestion: Masks

Okay, so we’re 8 months into a pandemic; why are we bringing up Masks? At this point, you’ve probably selected your face covering of choice, but it is important to keep tabs on the CDC’s Considerations for Wearing masks and ensure that the mask you have chosen is the best choice to keep yourself and those around you safe especially as COVID-19 numbers surge.

Does your mask fit snugly around the nose and chin or is it loose leaving large gaps on the side of your face and allowing respiratory droplets to escape?

Is your cloth mask only a single layer and not the recommended 2 to 3 layers?

If you’re wearing a neck gaiter are you only covering your nose or mouth with a single layer of fabric or is it large enough that you can lap it over your face twice?

Are you only wearing a face shield? Have you noted that the CDC does not recommend wearing a face shield without a mask, since respiratory droplets can still escape from the gaps around the shield and reach others around you?

It may be time to reconsider your face covering of choice. Our suggestion would be to keep it simple and check out these 3 different types of masks:

    1. 3 Ply Disposable Masks – Easy to store, easy to take with you, comfortable to wear. The three layers of protection on these masks meet the recommended amount and will keep both the wearer and those around them safe. As the supply of these masks has increased, prices have become even more affordable. For those looking to add an additional layer of protection and especially protect one’s eyes, pairing a 3-Ply Disposable mask with a face shield makes a great combination.

    2. 3 Ply Cotton Masks – Multiple layers of cloth with higher thread counts have demonstrated superior performance compared to single layers of cloth with lower thread count. With so many different styles, sometimes you need to try them out to feel which one fits your face best.  We’ve seen great success with are our Re-Usable 3-Ply Cotton Facemasks, Multilayer Fabric Masks, or even a Disposable Cloth Face Mask which comes in a pack of 50.

    3. Children’s Masks – We are frequently asked if we carry Kid’s Masks. Yes! This is one trending item that we have prided ourselves on adopting early. We carry both an individually wrapped 3 ply children’s disposable mask that comes in a pack of 50 and a 3-Ply Children’s Cotton Mask seen here in the photograph. These two items consistently rank in our top items sold into schools.   

Have more questions? Be sure to reach out to your local W.B. Mason Representative!


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