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Tax documents on the table with pencils

Tax season can feel like you are facing a mythical beast: paperwork piles up, deadlines loom, and deciphering deductions becomes a cryptic language. But fear not, brave taxpayer! With a touch of organization and the right tools from TOPS™, you can tame the beast and emerge victorious.

Conquer pre-season tax preparation with tools from TOPS™ such as forms, organizers, and envelopes. These handy tools can become your shield and sword by helping you to tame paperwork chaos and organize things by due date. 2024 is the year to embrace organization, so let’s take it and run. Choose your top TOPS™ products this tax season, (no pun intended) that can help make these next few months easier. Here are some tips and tricks to help you go about tax season this year, including some of our go-to items from TOPS™:

Organize Your Life with TOPS™: Tame the Paperwork Chaos

With the plethora of forms and documents needed to do your taxes, things can get unorganized quickly. With deadlines fast approaching, it can be helpful to establish an organizational method to keep everything in order. TOPS™ offers a variety of organizational tools to conquer the paperwork beast that is tax season. Here are some of our favorites:

Download and Print at Will: Reinforcements at Your Fingertips

If you didn’t receive all your forms in the mail or need different sized envelopes, don’t worry! With the help of W.B. Mason, TOPS™ offers blank forms and envelopes of all sizes to help ensure that you’re always prepared. Here are some of the forms you might need this tax season:

Choose Your Tax Method: Electronic or Analog

Taxpayers typically have two main ways of filing taxes: electronically on the computer, or through the mail. Depending on your business and how you like to stay organized, one option may be better suited than the other. Here are some of the benefits for both options:

  • Electronic: This option can be faster and more eco-friendly since everything is digital and paperless. It can also be easier to type on a digital document than writing by hand on a physical form.
  • Mail: Physically filling out, signing, and dropping all your forms off at the post office can give you peace of mind knowing that nothing is missing. TOPS™ even has pre-printed envelopes to go alongside your W-2 forms. Additional envelopes are also available in various sizes, ensuring your documents arrive safely.

TOPs the Envelope Game: Security and Convenience for Your Tax Triumph

Whether you choose to electronically submit your forms or send them through the mail, TOPS™ has your back with envelopes built for victory. Here are all the features that come with TOPS™ envelopes:

  • Pre-printed IRS envelopes: Save time and ensure accuracy with envelopes tailored for specific forms. W.B. Mason has many different sizes to choose from.
  • Security Tinted: Keep your tax information safe with secure tinted paper.
  • Window Envelopes: Simplify the process with pre-printed recipient addresses and windows for easy form display.
  • Bulk Packs: For high-volume tax warriors, TOPS™ offers economical bulk packs of envelopes, ensuring you’re never caught short. Shop W.B. Mason’s TOPS™ offerings and get your envelopes in bulk before tax season.

Bonus Tip: Backup and Seek Help – Fortify Your Tax Position

Asking for help and keeping a backup of your documents can be some great tips to keep in the back of your mind. After all, even the seasoned tax experts need help every now and then or need to reference what they did in years past. So, whether you are doing your own taxes or are doing them for someone else, here are some ways to confirm your calculations so everything is spot on:

  • Digital Defense: Scan and save your documents electronically for backup and future reference. TOPS™ Tax Organizers with pockets for CDs or flash drives make this process smooth.
  • Call in the Cavalry: If the tax beast proves too formidable, enlist the help of a tax professional. TOPS™ Tax Organizers even have sections for recording their contact information.

Victory Awaits: Conquering Tax Season with TOPS™

By gathering your forms, organizing them with TOPS™ tools, choosing your filing method, and utilizing secure envelopes, you can face tax season with confidence and emerge victorious. Remember, W.B. Mason’s TOPS™ selection is your one-stop shop for conquering the tax beast, offering a range of products to fit your needs and budget. So, arm yourself with TOPS™, and charge into tax season head on. Best of luck, brave taxpayer.


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