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Don’t Forget Duracell: Preparing for Hurricane Season

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Residents of coastal areas understand that the importance of hurricane preparedness can be critical, especially when you’ve been hit by one in the past. From securing your property to stocking up on supplies, taking proactive steps can help reduce the impact of a storm. One often overlooked, yet crucial element of emergency preparation is ensuring you have a reliable source of power to provide light, entertainment, Wi-Fi and so much more. The good news: Duracell® Coppertop batteries and many other Duracell battery types are in stock at W.B. Mason and can help get your business or workplace prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. Don’t forget Duracell® this hurricane season!

The Looming Threat of Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, and usually peaks during late summer. During this period, coastal communities can face an increased risk of tropical storms and hurricanes, which can bring devastating winds, flooding, and power outages to many homes and businesses. The disruption of electrical grids is a hallmark of these storms, leaving people without power for extended periods of time.

The Importance of a Reliable Power Source

In the aftermath of a hurricane, access to electricity can become scarce, especially if the area was hit pretty bad. Essential appliances like refrigerators and freezers can cease to function, which jeopardizes food safety. Communication can become limited with the loss of cell phone chargers and internet connectivity. Basic things such as lighting and air conditioning can also become compromised during a storm.

Duracell Coppertop Batteries: Powering Your Hurricane Preparedness

Whether your area experiences hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, tropical storms or another type of weather event, Duracell® Coppertop batteries offer a dependable and versatile solution. Their long-lasting performance and reliable power ensure that you have the resources you need for when the grid goes down. Here’s how Duracell® Coppertops can be instrumental in your hurricane preparedness plan:

  • Flashlights and Lanterns: During a power outage, navigating a darkened home or searching for supplies outdoors becomes a safety hazard. Duracell® Coppertop batteries provide long-lasting power for flashlights and lanterns, which can help illuminate your surroundings keeping you safe.
  • Radios: Reliable communication is critical in the aftermath of a storm. Battery-powered radios allow you to stay informed about weather updates, emergency instructions, and evacuation orders. Duracell® Coppertop batteries ensure your radio remains operational throughout the storm and its aftermath.
  • Medical Devices: For individuals who rely on medical devices like nebulizers or CPAP machines, a power outage can be life-threatening. Duracell® Coppertop batteries can provide essential backup power for these critical devices, which can ensure their continued operation.
  • Cell Phone Chargers: While cell phone service may be disrupted during a storm, having a portable charger can be a lifesaver. Duracell® Coppertop batteries can power these chargers, allowing you to maintain limited communication and access to crucial information.
  • Games and Entertainment: Extended power outages can lead to boredom, especially for children. Battery-powered games and electronic devices can provide a sense of normalcy and entertainment during a stressful time. Duracell® Coppertop batteries can ensure that these devices continue to function.

Additional Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

In addition to having a reliable battery source, here are some additional tips for hurricane preparedness:

  • Develop a hurricane plan: This plan should include evacuation routes, communication strategies, and a designated meeting place for employees.
  • Assemble an emergency kit: Your kit should include non-perishable food, water, first-aid supplies, medications, sanitation items, and important documents.
  • Stay informed: Monitor weather reports closely and follow instructions from local authorities.
  • Secure your property: Bring in outdoor furniture, get trees trimmed to prevent them from falling onto the building, and take steps to minimize wind damage.

Beyond Hurricane Season: The Year-Round Value of Duracell Coppertop Batteries

While being prepared for hurricane season is important, Duracell® Coppertop batteries offer year-round value. Their long-lasting power makes them ideal for a variety of everyday uses, including:

  • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: These life-saving devices rely on batteries to function effectively. Duracell® Coppertop batteries provide reliable power, ensuring your alarms are always working.
  • Toys and Electronics: From children’s toys to remote controls, Duracell® Coppertop batteries keep your devices powered and ready to use.
  • Wireless Devices: Doorbells, security cameras, and other wireless devices often rely on batteries for power. Duracell® Coppertops ensure these devices continue to function properly as well.

Investing in Peace of Mind: Why Duracell Coppertop Batteries Matter

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, every detail counts, which is why including Duracell® Coppertop batteries in your emergency kit, you can have peace of mind. Their dependable power ensures you have the resources you need to navigate a storm’s aftermath and maintain a sense of normalcy during a challenging time. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared than caught off guard. Shop from W.B. Mason to stock up on Duracell® Coppertop batteries, and ensure you have the power to weather any storm.

By taking proactive steps and having a well-stocked emergency kit for the office, or a workplace without a generator can be very important for when a storm comes along. When you are putting together an emergency kit with snacks, water, flashlights, and important documents, don’t forget Duracell® Coppertop batteries. These batteries can significantly reduce the impact of a hurricane on anyone in the building due to all the use cases they have. Stock up on Duracell® Coppertop batteries from W.B. Mason prior to the start of hurricane season.


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