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Printing Equipment and Supplies to Help Your Business

By December 13, 2022May 31st, 2023Brother, Technology, Workplace & Office

Why is printing important for business?

Even though we live in a progressively digital world, printing is still necessary in many different fields of work. Whether you work in a school, a medical office or hospital, a government building, or a traditional business office, printing is essential for everyday work tasks. It provides a means of communication and physical documentation for important information such as medical records, legal records, record of purchase, schoolwork, and exams, financial statements, and even promotional material. We continue to print documents like these for business, educational purposes, evidence, postal and security reasons because sometimes digital copies aren’t as sufficient.

Although excessive printing is known to be harmful for the environment, workplaces have been cutting back on the number of pages that are printed to be mindful of that. All in all, there are some documents that are still necessary to be printed nowadays, and it’s important that we understand the significance of it and benefits it has for business and other fields of work.

What are the different types of printing equipment a business should have?

Just like other office supplies, the printing equipment a business has should align with the company’s specific printing needs. Here are some of the different types of printing equipment and their functions:

  • Single-function printers: These are beneficial to smaller businesses or people who need personal printers for their office. Single-function printers typically just print high quality images and documents.
  • Multi-function printers: This type of printer is best used for printing, scanning, photo-copying, and faxing documents, as well as images. Multi-function printers are most beneficial for larger businesses, schools, medical offices, law offices, and other places where these functions are necessary. It’s normal to see this type of printer more often in a business or workplace setting compared to a single-function printer. They come in all sorts of sizes depending on the volume you need them to perform at.
  • Specialty printers: These printers are typically smaller in size but carry out multiple functions. These are great for small businesses, retail stores, or people who work in fields such as event planning. Specialty printers personalize things like name tags, they can print receipts, labels, as well as other forms that are smaller in size compared to normal sized printers.
  • Label makers: If your business or workplace likes to stay organized, a label maker is your best bet. These tools are great for creating custom labels that print out in seconds. Simply type in the phrase or word you wish to print and let the label maker do the rest.

What are the different types of printing supplies a business needs?

To go along with your printer or scanner, you are going to need some supplies. Brother® is a leading printer and technology brand that specializes in products as large as from multi-functional printers to things as small as ink and toner cartridges. Brother’s wide selection of printer supplies gets the job done with the best quality materials that will save you time. Here are some printer supplies to look into if you need an upgrade, or a refresh on your current supplies:

  • Ink & Toner: In order to successfully print, fax, or copy any sort of document, you need ink or toner. Needing ink versus toner will depend on the type of printer you have. Laser printers require toner, and inkjet printers use ink. For a wide selection that fits your needs and your budget, consider Brother’s ink and toner cartridges.
  • Label Maker Tapes & Printer Rolls: If you have a label maker, you are going to need to stock up on label maker tape in order for the machine to work. Brother’s label maker tape and printer rolls are the perfect go-to for high-quality printing equipment while offering a wide selection to fulfill your label making or printing needs. Organizing your inventory, assignments, and documents by labeling can become easier with these supplies from Brother. Printer rolls are most commonly used inside of label makers in order to create labels. Once the tape inside the label maker runs out, it has to be replenished with a new roll in order for the machine to continue making labels. Without these supplies, printing and label making would be difficult. Purchase them in bulk to ensure that your business has a hefty supply for upcoming transactions or organizing needs.

How to Find the Right Printer and Accessories

Finding the right printer and printer accessories doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Brother makes it easy to find all the supplies and equipment you need for the office, school, medical building, and all other workplaces due to their large selection. Whether you need an entirely new printer or want to try something new, Brother can help you find the printer that is right for your needs. Printing is still a necessity in this ever-changing world, which means that it’s important for your place of work to have the best equipment and supplies to carry out those vital functions each and every day.


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