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Steaming hot coffee brewing from a keurig

Keurig® coffee makers are great machines that brew your favorite flavor of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in seconds. While there are many different types and models on the market, the overall method of operating one is simple because they all are similar in the ways in which they are used.

How does a Keurig coffee maker work?

There are a few different steps for using a Keurig, no matter the model:

  1. Choose your flavor: There are so many flavors and so many brands of K-Cup® pods to choose from! After you’ve made your selection, lift the handle where the K-Cup® pod goes, put your pod in and shut the lid. The chamber will poke a hole in the bottom of your pod to release the grounds from it once the water is heated.
  2. Heat the water: If you are brewing one single cup or a pot of coffee, Keurig machines of all types have a specific place for you to put the water. The water is stored in the body of the machine and once you pour your desired amount of water into the reservoir, press the “brew” button and the water will begin to heat up. There is a maximum capacity for the water, so make sure you don’t pour more than your cup will allow or it will overflow.
  3. Choose your setting: Many Keurig’s have different settings such as “strong” to brew a stronger cup. If your Keurig has these options, choose one while the water is heating up. If your Keurig doesn’t have settings to choose from, simply press the big button on the top of the machine for it to start brewing.
  4. Add creamer and sugar: After the water heats up and begins to brew your beverage, it’s time to add the fun. Customizing your drink with milk, creamer, and/or sugar makes your beverage unique and just the way you like it. Add your desired amount of add-ins to your beverage after it is done brewing to allot for the amount of room you have left in the cup.
  5. Let it cool and enjoy: After your coffee or tea is done brewing and all your flavors are mixed in, let it cool for a few minutes before taking a sip to avoid burning your mouth. It can be very hot for a little bit! After it has cooled, enjoy your hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa wherever you feel most relaxed. If you are on the go, pouring it into a heat-safe tumbler will keep it nice and warm for wherever the day takes you.
  6. Don’t forget to clean: Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to clean your Keurig. The grate that your mug sits on while the coffee is brewing should be wiped down frequently. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the exterior of your Keurig just in case it builds up dust. Rinsing out the area where the water goes can also be beneficial just to keep things clean. To do this, simply unplug the machine and rinse the body out with water and wipe it clean: just don’t get the plug wet.

How do Keurig coffee makers work at home?

There are differently sized Keurig machines for different settings and purposes. The types normally found in homes can be single use ones such as the Keurig Mini, the Keurig 2.0 or ones that have the drip coffee portion alongside the single cup. These types of Keurig machines aren’t always used as frequently as Keurig machines that are found in an office or a hotel, but the method to use them are still similar. To operate your Keurig at home, refer to the steps above.

How to Operate a Keurig at the Office

If your office has a Keurig and all the coffee supplies to go with it, you’re in luck. Operating a Keurig at the office isn’t that much different than operating one at home. The ones at the office will most likely make more cups of coffee and tea than the average at-home Keurig does due to the number of people using it every day. The Keurig at the office should be cleaned more regularly since it’s being used more and for sanitary purposes as well. Cleaning the Keurig and coffee maker parts is important to limit the spread of germs and bacteria.

How to Use a Keurig Coffee Maker in a Large Setting

Keurig coffee makers typically found in a larger setting such as a hotel, a doctor’s office, or anywhere with a lot of traffic don’t necessarily differ than the single-use home version. The instructions for using a Keurig in this setting does not differ than using one at home or at the office, and they usually look similar. Using more than 8 ounces of water will cause the water reservoir to overflow, as well as your cup.

Sometimes, Keurig machines can have a water line hooked up to make brewing coffee easier and to avoid messes and long lines. Instead of individually pouring water into the back of the Keurig like you do in an office or at home, these models give you the option for how many ounces you want, and with the press of a button, it does the work for you. The water pump will measure out exactly the right amount of water and after it’s done heating, it will dispense that water into the cup mixed with your choice of coffee, tea, or cocoa. This method avoids spills, long lines, and creates a simpler way for someone to brew their favorite beverage. This type of Keurig is more expensive than the models where you have to put the water in manually, but it’s a great option for large offices, hospitals or hotels that generate a lot of coffee traffic.

How to Reset Keurig Coffee Makers

If your Keurig is showing signs of not working or just isn’t working, here are a few ways you could reset it, and some possible reasonings behind why it may be acting up:

Reasons to be Reset your Keurig:

  • Water storage is clogged
  • Light blinking
  • Screen is flashing the wrong command
  • Water filter problem
  • Power problem

Methods of Resetting your Keurig:

  • Open and re-close the lever and press the brew button again.
  • Unplug the machine for a few minutes then re-plug it in and turn it back on.
  • Check the settings. Sometimes if the settings are messed up it can cause some issues. Make sure the settings are the way you want them.
  • Detach the water portion from the body of the machine (if you are able) then re-attach it after waiting thirty minutes to an hour.

Depending on your Keurig’s warranty and other factors, W.B. Mason may be able to assist you with certain issues through our coffee service. To inquire about this service, visit our Coffee category page on Shop W.B. Mason for all your Keurig needs for the home, office or hospitality location and enjoy low discounted prices along with fast delivery.

Using Keurig Machines is Simple

Whether you have a Keurig at home, in the office, or use one in a larger setting, they all operate in similar ways. Brewing your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with Keurig gives you a delicious beverage in sixty seconds or less and allows you to fully customize it between different types of pods, add-ins, and more. Using these machines have changed the way singular cups of coffee are brewed and are simple to operate.


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