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Office Design Trends of 2023

By December 8, 2022May 30th, 2023Furniture, Workplace & Office
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What are the upcoming office furniture trends for 2023?

Keeping up with the latest clothing trends or other kinds of trends is pricy, but office furniture can be the exception if you start to invest in high quality pieces. Upgrading the comfort and design levels and bringing them up to speed in the office can have lots of great benefits to your employees, clients, patients, and anyone who sees the furniture. Whether you work in a traditional office space, a medical office, a school, or other people-oriented spaces, these new trends will bring new life to your workspace.

Some upcoming furniture design trends that are predicted to be seen a lot throughout 2023 are:

  • Furniture that encourages movement and productivity
  • Open spaces and layouts to promote collaboration with others
  • Lots of natural light to increase mood and stamina
  • Sustainable products made from natural materials like wood

What furniture brands are coming out with innovative and modern furniture pieces?

Brands such as HON®, Flash®, Vari®, Humanscale® and OFM are all coming out with modern, innovative, and trendy furniture pieces for the office or workspace. These brands are up to date with all of the current and future office design trends that will keep your employees comfortable and productive at work. Some items that fall under the latest office furniture trends include:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Monitor arms
  • Tables

What office furniture pieces are expected to become popular in 2023?

There are lots of trending pieces to keep your eye on if you are thinking of upgrading your office. Introducing new furniture into the office can improve productivity, increase office morale, and make your employees happier to come to work. There are many popular and trendy items on the market nowadays to help spruce up the office.

Standing Desks & Desk Risers

Starting off with desks, the infamous Vari standing desk is a great way to increase ergonomics within the office. These and others like it are all the rage right now and are predicted to be popular into 2023 and beyond. Standing desks are great for people who need movement during the day, or dislike sitting for long periods of time. There are also desk stands that can be put on top of your desk to raise up, if purchasing entire new desks isn’t in the budget. These still allow employees to stand while working and are adjustable with a lever. Vari makes their standing desks in a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, and laminate, so you are bound to find something that matches your office’s aesthetic and keep up with the sustainable and natural look trend.

Conference & Breakroom Tables

Conference tables and breakroom tables are predicted to be in high demand in order to promote open spaces and to encourage more collaboration and conversation among employees. HON’s multipurpose flip table base comes in multiple shades and colors of wood, making it a great addition to your office. A table with wheels encourages collaboration between employees and gives them the freedom to move it around the room for brainstorming or for other projects they may be working on. If you need a longer table to accommodate more people, HON offers larger sizes that also come in multiple finishes and wood shades.

Office Seating & Chairs

Office seating is being reimagined. Typical office chairs are being upgraded across the country based on different features, comfort level, style, and type. HON makes a task chair that promotes comfort and movement, as well as ergonomic features such as adjustable arms and a cushion that reduces leg pressure. This chair is called the prominent mesh high-back task chair. When sitting in a chair for hours at a time, increasing the productivity and comfort levels is what employees need in order to remain motivated. Office trends such as encouraged movement and increased productivity is important when it comes to chairs. Having a stable back, armrests that adjust and a comfortable seat cushion is a trend that’s here to stay.

The chairs in your waiting room are also important to upgrade from time to time. The OFM essentials collection fabric executive guest chair would help make the space appear more elevated, modern, and welcoming. Whether you work in a medical office, a government office, or any space that has a waiting room, chairs like these would fit in with the current office furniture trends and provide comfort to all who sit in them.

Monitor Arms & Stands

Monitor arms are making it easier on the neck, eyes, and back while at work. These products are changing the game when it comes to new office furniture trends because of how ergonomic they can be. Humanscale makes various monitor arms to attach your monitors for a more productive and comfortable workday. The Humanscale M2.1 monitor arm with two-piece clamp mount base comes in a variety of colors to match whatever aesthetic your office has. Monitor stands are very helpful for reducing neck and back pain, as well as eye strain. Instead of looking down at your computer which can cause neck pain to become sore, monitor stands help diminish the downward movement which increases productivity and overall comfort.

What are the benefits of new office furniture?

There are lots of great benefits to upgrading your office furniture and rearranging your office based on current interior design trends. Just like in school when the classroom was rearranged from time to time, fostering new beginnings, a fresh start and imagination is great motivation for employees. Changing up the office layout or replacing older furniture pieces with modern ones can promote employee flexibility as well. When everything is on wheels or is easy to move around, employees can decide the best workspace arrangement that will benefit them the most. Some other benefits of new office furniture are:

  • You are investing in your company’s future and in your employees. Your employees spend many hours per week at their desk, investing in the latest furniture trends like standing desks or ergonomic chairs can help business in the long run.
  • It helps the wellness of your employees. Giving them the option to stand, sit, and move around the office easier can help with blood flow, productivity, and motivation. It can also help reduce the number of work-related injuries or issues that come up, such as neck pain, eye strain, headaches, and back pain.
  • It gives the office space a more modern and impressionable look. Whether clients, patients, or customers see the office layout or not, having trendy office furniture gives your business the advantage. Employees can feel proud to work for a company that cares about the look of the office. It also shows how committed the company is to accessibility, comfort, and style.
  • You can customize your furniture based on the size of the office and the space you have. This makes it easy to redesign your workspace and make the most out of what these brands have to offer. W.B. Mason makes interior designing or redesign a breeze with our interior design services.

What are the reasons to buy hybrid office furniture?

Hybrid office furniture are pieces that are easy to move around, meaning that desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces typically found in an office are on wheels. The main reason to purchase and have hybrid office furniture is so that employees can easily move the pieces around. This promotes accessibility, collaboration, flexibility, creativity, and inclusivity within the office. When employees feel as if they can manipulate the furniture and move it around for purposes such as brainstorming, meetings, gatherings, or conversation, they can feel more empowered in their workplace.

How long does office furniture last?

Office furniture can last many years if you care for it properly and is damage-free. Most furniture brands have warranties that can be useful if anything happens to the piece. Within a certain amount of time, the piece can be repaired or replaced if under warranty.

The lifespan of your office furniture can also depend on the material it was made of. For instance, wooden desks and tables can last as long as 15 years since they are very sturdy. Office chairs that are made of plastic, mesh, and other types of materials can have the shortest lifespan since they are used the most. Although they can be expensive, if they need to be replaced, they should be within a timely manner.

New 2023 Furniture Trends

With many design options, styles, colors, and materials to choose from, items such as standing desks, monitor arms, task chairs and tables can elevate your office for 2023 and beyond. If you are considering purchasing new office furniture, think about the predicted trends for the new year and your goals for your employees in the future. Redesigning or upgrading the furniture with HON® and other brands could be a great way to improve productivity.


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