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Man sitting on cliff overlooking the water

Imagine being stranded on a deserted island, surrounded by nothing but endless stretches of golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. You find yourself in a predicament – you have nothing but the clothes on your back and no way of getting help. The odds may seem against you, but fear not! In this blog, we will delve into the essential items you would need to bring to this paradise turned isolation, all conveniently from W.B. Mason. From survival gear to entertainment, we will explore the must-have products and tools that would turn this deserted island into your temporary home. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on a virtual journey to this enchanting and challenging tropical retreat.

Here at W.B. Mason, we carry a lot of products. Thousands of items in different quantities, colors, sizes, and for different uses. When I asked some of my co-workers to choose five items that we sell to bring with them to a deserted island, they had some trouble deciding. Think about it: we have snack boxes, our own line of water, furniture, arts and crafts, safety equipment, medical supplies, toilet paper, and so much more. I don’t blame them for taking their time on this task because it’s tough! But, after endlessly scrolling through the many categories we have, here are the lists of items each person is bringing with them to the island and some reasoning behind them. Maybe you can come up with your own list after hearing what they are bringing:

Person 1:

  1. Snack Box Pros Mason’s Favorites Snack Box: If I’m going to be stuck somewhere, I’m bringing some snack box favorites until I figure out how to catch some fish or find something else to eat. That might take a while, so it’s a good thing this Snacks Box Pros snack box is big and full of all my favorite things to munch on. To share or not to share…..? Just kidding, it’s only me out here, so I’m not sharing with anyone.
  2. Blizzard Spring Water: Can’t make it long without fresh water, (obviously) so I’m doubling down and bringing along some deliciously refreshing ice-cold Blizzard Spring Water to tide me over – get it? TIDE me over. Don’t give me that look. I really don’t want to try and filter my own water on the island when I have natural spring water at my disposal. It’s much easier, faster, and safer. I’m not taking any chances out here!
  3. Flash Furniture Pop Up Event Canopy Tent: This Flash Furniture Pop Up Event Canopy Tent and Folding Bench Set is coming with me. I mean, I might as well make it a beach party. Plus – the value here, is 2 in 1 with the canopy AND a bench set, you really can’t beat it. I want to make sure I have protection from the rain, the sun, or anything else that may come my way while stranded out here on this remote island. Plus, the benches might beat sitting on the ground which is where all the bugs, grass, and sand are. Noooo thanks.
  4. Winco® 2 7/8 in Oyster/Clam Knife: This Winco® Oyster or Clam knife seems easier than fishing! Nothing like catching your meals with a nice, restaurant quality knife.
  5. Flash Furniture Roxbury Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed: I don’t know about you, but I can’t survive without a good night’s sleep. Yes, I’m bringing the Flash Furniture Roxbury Tufted Platform Bed in the King Size. Yes, I said King Size. I can feel you judging me, it’s palpable.

Now, this next person is bringing similar items to what the first person is bringing. See if you can spot any comparisons:

Person 2:

  1. Flash Furniture Riverdale Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed: I also need a Flash Furniture King Size bed and bed frame, so I have a comfy place to sleep. Being on a deserted island can be rough, not as much when you have your own sleep oasis to crawl into at the end of the day. Hopefully no other creatures feel the same way and climb in with me!
  2. Ergodyne® SHAX 6053 Enclosed Pop-Up Tent Kit: This Ergodyne® heavy-duty Pop-up Tent is coming with me so that I can stay in the shade. The side walls can be a big help in case it rains, and the bright color can be a way that rescuers can see me without having to aggressively jump up and down to get their attention, even though I’ll still do that anyway.
  3. Ergodyne® KREW’D™ 6351 SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion: Another Ergodyne® product, but this one is a multi-pack of sunblock. I can’t not have sunblock due to my Irish and Scottish heritage, therefore, the sun is my enemy. Load up on the SPF people!
  4. Winco® Chinese Cleaver, Steel Handle: Cleaver for cutting up food and firewood, I am bringing this Winco® Steel Handle Cleaver with me to the island. You never know what could happen, might not just be for firewood.
  5. BIC 3 Tier Lighter Display: Last but not least, I’m bringing this BIC 150-pack of lighters for starting fires. Even though I was an Eagle Scout back in the day, starting fires with a lighter is just way easier and it’s a huge time saver. Not like I need to save time while I’m on a deserted island, but hey, I’ll put in the extra effort in finding food and water since I didn’t choose to bring that. Plus, I’ll definitely have enough since I’m bringing 150. Hopefully, I get rescued before I run out!

These last two islanders have a few similarities as well. Which list of items would you take over the other?

Person 3:

  1. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700CT Evaporative Cooling Bandana Headband: I’m bringing this Ergodyne® Bandana Headband to help beat the heat and keep me cool under the sun. It activates with water so when I start to sweat, it will help keep me even cooler. Plus, it’s adjustable.
  2. Zip Fizz Energy Drink Mix, Blue Raspberry: I would also bring the Zip Fizz® Energy Drink Mix in the Blue Raspberry flavor so I can stay alert and avoid unfortunate mishaps. You never know what could happen on a deserted island!
  3. First Aid Only Emergency Preparedness First Sid Backpack: A First Aid Only Preparedness First Aid Backpack is also coming with me, in case I accidentally hurt myself while trying to survive in the wild. Everything I could need is in this backpack like food, water, hand sanitizer, and a poncho. Speaking of the backpack, the bright orange color makes it visible during the day, and the tag makes it glow in the dark at night which could improve my chances of being rescued. Help me!!!!
  4. W.B. Mason Co. Cool Shield Bubble Rolls: W.B. Mason Cool Shield Bubble Rolls would be the next thing I’m bringing, in hopes that I can make a fort that keeps me cool. It could also act as a shiny beacon which can help save me.
  5. Mead® Square Deal Composition Book & Zebra Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen: The last thing on my list is the Mead® Square Deal Composition Book and dozen of the Zebra® Z-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pens to record my story. I know, I know, that’s six items, but hey, I couldn’t help myself. Also, if we’re being realistic here, I won’t get to choose which five items to take with me if I ever get stranded on a deserted island. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Lastly, here is the fourth and final person to compose a deserted island item list. Wow, that is a tongue twister. Say that five times fast.

Person 4:

  1. First Aid Only ANSI 2015 SmartCompliance First Aid Kit: This is the First Aid Only ANSI 2015 SmartCompliance First Aid Kit for 150 people. Quite honestly, it seems like a no-brainer being the biggest First Aid Kit we sell. With 925 pieces, I must be able to treat wounds or other issues that will undoubtedly arise on this island. Also, it comes with a great pair of scissors which can be a part of many other activities I may encounter while being stranded. I’ve seen enough Naked and Afraid to know how valuable this item will be, and without a doubt, it’s coming with me.
  2. Snack Box Pros Big Party Snack Box: In every survival situation, finding food is a top priority. But there are other top priorities as well. By including this big snack box in my short list of five items, I’ll be able to prioritize shelter and fire first and foremost. This box is full of delicious and somewhat nutritious snacks that will hopefully come in handy if there are no fish or other means of food. Well, maybe they’re not the healthiest, but I won’t be starving!
  3. OFF! Deep Woods Dry Insect Repellent: Bug spray is a must. There is nothing worse than the insects biting or keeping me up all night. Please and thank you. And yes, I am aware this comes with 12 cans of OFF!® bug spray, but you can never have enough in my opinion.
  4. Blueline Large Executive Notebook: This Blueline Executive Large Notebook will be put to good use while I am stuck here on this island. I’ll probably be writing down things I saw, things I did, and things that made me question life. Catch me journaling for my sanity out here on this island in my Blueline notebook because what else would I do?
  5. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens: These Paper Mate® InkJoy Pens come in various colors and will be useful for writing in my notebook or drawing little sketches of my time out here. After all, you can’t write without writing utensils!

Well, there you have it, folks. If these individuals were to be stranded on a deserted island, these are the W.B. Mason items that are coming with them, both big and small. After looking through the items from these very well-thought-out lists, I have to say I would have a hard time coming up with a list of my own! Oh well, I don’t plan on being stranded on an island anytime soon, unless that island has other people, an all-inclusive menu, and fun activities to do!