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Your desk could very well be your little haven of productivity (or procrastination, depending on the day). But amidst the keyboard clicks and coffee mugs, lurks a battleground: the fight for organizational and productivity supremacy. Today, we’re diving headfirst into this epic clash, pitting five classic desk titans against each other for an ultimate this-or-that showdown.

Before you get too excited… spoiler alert! We already have the winners of this 5-round showdown! We recently did a poll on Instagram and had our followers choose this or that, when it comes to desk organization, notetaking, snacks, and energy drinks they prefer during the workday. Don’t worry, we have proof of the winning items in the screenshots below. But play along with us and think about the winners in your circle. Will your choices match ours?

Round 1: At-A-Glance Personal Planner (AAG7026005) vs. At-A-Glance Desk Calendar (AAGSK3000)

Team Planner swears by the tactile satisfaction of pen on paper, the intricate weekly spreads, and the goal-setting magic of bullet points. Team Calendar champions the quick glance at the month ahead, the ease of scribbling appointments, and the visual reminder of deadlines looming large. Who will win your heart (and desk space)?

Our winner was the Personal Planner from At A Glance! Perhaps more people prefer an on-the-go sized planner to take with them to and from the office as opposed to a desk calendar.

Round 2: Pendaflex Single File Folder (PFX62702) vs. Pendaflex Expandable File Folder (PFXR217AHD)

The minimalist employee in you craves the streamlined elegance of the single file folder, documents marching in perfect order. But the pragmatist knows the expandable folder’s welcoming embrace, a chaotic haven for overflowing notes and stray receipts. Will you choose zen-like tidiness or controlled chaos?

The winner for this round is the Single File Folder from Pendaflex! Maybe an expandable folder is too big or has too many sections for your needs at the moment. But if that ever changes, you know where to find both the single and the expandable file folders!

Round 3: 3M Lined (MMM6605PKAST) vs. 3M Unlined Post-it Notes (MMMR330UALT)

The note-taking traditionalist trusts the guiding lines of the lined notepad, keeping thoughts neat and legible. But the free spirit embraces the blank canvas of the unlined version, letting creativity flow in messy doodles and mind maps. Will your to-do list be a regimented march or a whimsical dance?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Lined Post-It Pads for the win! As a lined Post-It lover, I myself would have chosen this one too. In my opinion, the lines make it easier to write neatly and can help to organize your thoughts compared to unlined. Sorry to those who chose the unlined version, but hey, if those work well for you, that’s great!

Round 4: Watermelon Celsius (CLL1212) vs. Wild Berry Celsius (CLL1209)

The taste bud adventurer craves the refreshing watermelon blast of Celsius, a burst of summer in every sip. But the berry enthusiast savors the tart, tangy wild berry explosion, a flavor that awakens the senses. Will your energy boost be a tropical escape or a burst of berry bliss?

The winner is none other than the classic Wild Berry flavor. While both flavors are delicious and can give you the right boost of energy during your midday slump, the Wild Berry was definitely more popular than the Watermelon according to our polltakers. Which would you choose?

Round 5: Nuts & Salt KIND Bar (KND17851) vs. Peanut Butter KIND Bar (KND17256)

The salty siren song of the Nuts & Salt KIND Bar beckons, while a symphony of crunchy almonds and cashews dusted with just the right amount of sodium. But the peanut butter purist craves the creamy, comforting embrace of the classic PB KIND Bar, a timeless treat that never disappoints. Will your snack break be a nutty adventure or a peanut butter paradise?

The winner of the last round is the Nuts and Sea Salt KIND bar! Both bars are delicious in their own way, but it must be something about the saltiness, sweetness and nuttiness combination of the Sea Salt flavor that won our followers over. Don’t be sad though because both options are available at W.B. Mason! Have a taste test at your office to determine a winner. Will you side with our followers or choose the Peanut Butter one? Only time will tell!

So, there you have it, folks! Five epic desk duels, ready to ignite your inner organizer. We had fun with our own Instagram polls and picking the five winners, so maybe your office should do the same! Weigh out the pros and cons, choose your champions, and create the desk den of your dreams. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer, just the perfect combination for your own unique productivity style. Now, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage (Watermelon Celsius, anyone?), settle in, and let the games begin!