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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Safety

By June 8, 2022December 29th, 2022Health & Safety, Safety Equipment
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On my drive to work today I saw something we often see but may not take the time to notice as often – a road crew. The laborers were hard at work repairing an overpass that was crumbling, shoring up the supports, removing corroded parts and installing the newest and safest materials that should last for years to come. While my first reaction was that of mild frustration due to the added traffic, it occurred to me that jobs like this are not only essential for my driving experience to be a safe one, but incredibly dangerous for the people doing it. Imagine you were tasked with performing your job effectively while having cars and trucks whizzing by at high speed all while keeping the concentration needed to be precise and thorough in your craftmanship. I know it would be a challenge to say the least, because the one thing I cherish most would be in question – my own safety. Along with the protocols associated with road construction work, it occurred to me that the most important thing needed is high quality safety equipment. There are simply no shortcuts in this line of work. 

While being on a road crew can be a job that is particularly dangerous, it’s is not the only career that requires safety equipment. Safety precautions are taken in dozens of other scenarios with varying degrees of danger. In this month’s Fabulous Four, let’s explore some of the finest safety equipment available for all types of work. 

Best New Item: ergodyne® Arsenal 5032 Water-Resistant Wheeled Duffel Bag

ergodyne Water Resistant Wheeled Duffel Bag

The last thing you want on a job site is for your equipment to get soaked or damaged from rain, snow, or an unforeseen leak. It’s no surprise that Ergodyne has the solution. This company supplies a wide variety of durable, effective safety gear that can be used at all sorts of job sites. The Arsenal 5032 is made of water-resistant tarpaulin with 600D coated polyester to keep your gear dry. On top of that, it is equipped with top and side pockets for easy access and storage. Finally, it has what I think is the best feature; heavy-duty wheels making it easy to navigate over uneven terrain and materials. Bonus feature – it looks great too!

Unsung Hero: Slice® Safety Cutter

Slice Safety Cutter

This little guy will save you a whole bunch of pain and suffering… literally. Gone are the days of hacking your fingers to pieces with utility blades while opening boxes. Or struggling to get them open to change the razor constantly. Slice to the rescue! The Safety Cutter solves all of that and then some. The finger-safe edge never rusts, is non-conductive, and stays sharp 11 times longer than your conventional blade so you’ll be changing it far less often all while keeping your blood inside you where it belongs.

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Honeywell Uvex™ Tomcat Safety Glasses

Honeywell Uvex Safety Glasses

I’ll admit it, in an effort to embrace my suburban dad-hood, I fill my plate with home improvement projects. While my woodworking skills are spotty at best, my love of safety is not.  I particularly enjoy having eyes so protecting them is paramount. This is why I always wear protective eye wear whenever using power tools. These Honeywell safety glasses are not only scratch resistant and super comfortable, but they look stylish too. Complete with some cargo shorts and white sneakers, I’ll be the envy of dads everywhere (even if my birdfeeder isn’t). 

MVP: SAS Safety Corp.® Class 2 Safety Vest

SAS Safety Corp Safety Vest

This month’s most valuable product is a simple but incredibly necessary one. Made from polyester, this vest is durable, lightweight and ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 compliant so it’s ready for any job site. Equipped with an easy-to-access front hook enclosure you won’t need help getting it on. The best part – its fluorescent yellow and has 2″ of reflective tape all around it so it’s easier to be spotted at night. Danger can’t avoid you if it can’t see you – so vest up!

That’s it for this month’s Fabulous Four. So, while the most dangerous thing I may encounter at work is a mild papercut, the folks out there making our roads, bridges, and overpasses safe are literally risking their lives to deliver a long-lasting, effective, and quality result.