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W.B. Mason, A History: Part 3

By July 27, 2021January 17th, 2023W.B. Mason
From the Desk of WB Mason

Dearest Reader,

The time has finally come for me to tell you about the creation of my own business that bares my name: W.B. Mason Company. The company began as a simple shop on Centre Street in Brockton, Massachusetts and is still located there this very day.

After much preparation, I opened up shop in 1898. I used the tutelage of my mentor S.W. Howard to manufacture rubber stamps and stencils and employed my counter trimming skills to sell engraving work as well. Besides my name, rubber stamp production is my legacy at the company. Still to this day W.B. Mason Company manufacturers our own rubber stamps in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I must say, dear reader, that although my time has far passed, my spirit still lives on in many ways. You may have seen my face, fleeting about your city or town on delivery trucks, or adorned on cases of copy paper in your supply closet. The portrait of me with my keen mustache and barbershop quartet suit comes from my days being a strong tenor in the Gerrish Male Barbershop Quartet in Brockton. In those days, when I wasnā€™t singing in the city, I filled my time as an active member in the Brockton-based Paul Revere Lodge of Freemasons. I knew I would not be around forever, but I wanted my future employees and customers to know our origins are humbly on Centre Street in Brockton.

Fourteen years after founding W.B. Mason, my personal story ended rather suddenly. But, my dear reader, to say that my end is the end of the story would be to ignore many of our company’s most important moments. It is in the achievements of the company and the hearts of our employees that our story continues to live on for years to come. At the time of my passing, one thing was known for sure, the best was yet to come.

There is still more to this story, but I must pack up these orders. I will have to conclude our exciting narrative soon!

Yours Sincerely,
William Betts Mason