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Your Success is Our Business: The Value of Diverse Sourcing

screenshot from supplier diversity landing page

In a world where diversity and inclusion are not just ideals but expectations, we at W.B. Mason are dedicated to enriching our supply chain with a variety of suppliers, including Woman or Minority Owned Businesses, Small Businesses, Disadvantaged Businesses and beyond. This commitment is not just about doing good—it’s about delivering better value to you, our business customers.

A Partnership That Reflects Your Values

We understand that many of you have set ambitious targets for diverse spend within your own procurement strategies. By choosing us as your partner, you’re not only accessing quality products and services but also supporting a supply chain that mirrors your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The Competitive Edge of Diverse Spend

Our diverse supplier base is not just a badge we wear with pride—it’s a strategic advantage we offer to you:

Economic Empowerment: Your spend with us directly supports businesses that drive economic growth in their communities.

Supply Chain Resilience: Diversity in the supply chain translates to greater innovation and adaptability, ensuring that you stay ahead of market trends.

Alignment with Consumer Expectations: In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of corporate values, your partnership with us demonstrates a shared commitment to social responsibility.

Beyond Transactions: A Shared Vision for Impact

Your choice to work with us is a powerful statement. It says that you’re not just looking for a supplier but a partner who understands the importance of creating a positive social impact. Together, we can ensure that your procurement goals are met with integrity and that your brand stands out as a leader in corporate citizenship. Together, we’re not just conducting business—we’re shaping a better future.

For a full list of suppliers, please visit our Supplier Diversity page.

If you are a certified diverse supplier interested in selling on, let us know by visiting our Sell with WB page.