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Nowadays, it can be common to be busy with work, family, hobbies, and other commitments that require care, attention, and planning. With all those long workdays and busy nights and weekends, it can be difficult to keep track of things like getting enough nutrients to power through the next week. While it may be easier to reach for convenient or on-the-go snacks, it can be a good idea to think about snacking differently.

With thousands of snack items and delicious combinations to choose from, it can be tricky to pick the ones that taste good, are attainable to get, and are packed with the necessary nutrients the body needs. Snacks, and food overall, have a profound impact on our overall health, energy, and satiety. Ensuring that there are plenty of options when making these decisions can be very important. The solution? Protein-filled snacks.

Protein is a vital macronutrient that is essential for numerous bodily functions and helps with staying full and satisfied until the next meal. Whether you are debating between snacks to purchase for the office breakroom or want to learn more about the benefits of including protein into your daily snacks, this post is for you. Now let’s delve into the benefits of protein-rich snacks and learn how to make informed choices.

Why Protein-Filled Snacks?

  • Sustained Energy: Protein typically takes longer to digest compared to simple carbohydrates, which can provide a steady energy stream throughout the day. Avoiding sugary snacks with a lower nutritional value and replacing them with snacks that have more protein may help with energy crashes and mood swings.
  • Satiety and Fullness: Feeling full is helpful to prevent overeating. Protein-filled snacks can help increase satiety hormones, which can keep you feeling satisfied for longer and reduce some cravings.
  • Muscle Building and Repair: Protein is the building block for muscles, so eating protein-rich snacks, especially after a workout, can help optimize muscle repair and growth.
  • Weight Management: Protein can help boost metabolism and increase feelings of fullness, which may help with weight management efforts.

How to Choose Protein Snacks

Whether you are buying snacks for the office breakroom, a vending machine, the teacher’s lounge, or another space that provides snacks to employees, it can help to have an idea of what you are looking for beforehand. Protein-filled snacks that align with the needs and preferences of those who will be enjoying the snacks can be very important. The nutrition label can be a helpful tool in deciding between snacks to get for the office. Here are some things to look for if your goal is to find more protein filled snacks:

  • Protein Content: Aim for snacks with at least 5 grams of protein per serving. For higher protein needs, look for snacks offering 10-15 grams of protein.
  • Quality Protein Sources: Prioritize whole-food protein sources like nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, lean meats, or hard-boiled eggs. Many protein bars include whey or plant-based proteins as well.
  • Ingredients List: Choose snacks with simple, recognizable ingredients. Avoid excessive additives, artificial sweeteners, and unhealthy fats.
  • Sugar Content: Sugary snacks can lead to spikes and dips in blood sugar levels. Look for snacks with minimal added sugar, opting for naturally occurring sugars from fruits when possible.

Delicious and Convenient Protein-Packed Snack Ideas from W.B. Mason

Adding protein filled snacks to the office breakroom or incorporating more protein-filled snacks into your daily routine doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some convenient and tasty options that W.B. Mason currently offers:

  • Nature Valley Protein Chewy Granola Bars: These Nature Valley Protein Chewy Granola Bars in the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate flavor have 10 grams of protein per bar, making it an easy, on-the-go snack to munch on at your desk, in the carpool line, or in between work calls.
  • Think Jerky Grass-Fed Beef Sticks: The Think Jerky Grass-Fed Beef Sticks can be an excellent source of protein, especially when they are paired with some other items such as fruit, cheese, and nuts. With 4 grams of protein per stick and only 40 calories, these 1 oz beef sticks are the perfect addition to a make-shift charcuterie board.
  • Wonderful Pistachios, Dry Roasted & Salted: Speaking of charcuterie boards, these Dry Roasted and Salted Wonderful Pistachios would make a great addition to a board, or even a homemade trail mix. These little 1.25 oz pouches have 4 grams of protein, making them a quick and flavorful snack to take with you on the go or to have at work.
  • Sargento Balanced Breaks: The Sargento Balanced Breaks loaded with white cheddar cheese, roasted almonds and dried cranberries can be a great way to get in some protein before the workday is over. With 7 grams of protein per pack, these yummy concoctions can help keep you satisfied until the next meal.
  • Sabra Classic Hummus with Pretzels: These Sabra Classic Hummus with Pretzel cups are packed with 10 grams of protein and can be a great on-the-go snack for any time of day. Plus, they are plant based, vegan, and Kosher certified!
  • Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt Variety Pack: The Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurts are an excellent source of protein with 15 grams per cup. With flavors like mixed berry, mango and strawberry, there is a flavor for everyone. Add some granola on top to add in some crunch for the perfect bite.
  • Fairlife High Protein Chocolate Nutrition Shake: For those who would rather drink their protein, the Fairlife High Protein Chocolate Nutrition Shake is a great option. With 30 grams of protein per shake, these delicious and chocolatey drinks can help with your protein goals and can keep you full until your next meal.
  • KIND Nuts and Spices Bar: For a sweet and salty kick, try the KIND Nuts and Spices Bar with Caramel Apple and Sea Salt. Each bar has 6 grams of protein and is packed with flavor.
  • Hippeas White Cheddar Puffs: If you are someone who likes the crunch aspect to snacking, then these Hippeas White Cheddar Puffs are for you. They have 4 grams of protein per bag and have a delicious cheesy flavor, plus, they are vegan. Perfect for a snack to go along with lunch or for satisfying that salty, cheesy, crunchy craving.

Get Snacking!

Opting for more protein-filled snacks either at work, on the go, or at home can be important, especially if eating more protein is one of your health goals. Enjoying protein filled snacks can help with getting your body more essential nutrients, it can help reduce hunger cravings, and can even aid with optimizing your overall health. By making conscious choices and with a little bit of planning, incorporating delicious and satisfying protein filled snacks into your daily routine can become simple. With the help of W.B. Mason and our extensive food and snacks category, finding something you enjoy that has great protein can be easy. Start shopping for your office’s breakroom today!


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