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How to Make Personalized Holiday Wrapping Paper

By December 22, 2022December 30th, 2022Community & Engagement, Writing Supplies

How can I use Sharpie markers for gift wrapping?

Holiday gift wrapping can be a way to show creativity and personality. Using regular wrapping paper may become expensive, can increase consumer waste levels and can be an additional item to go out and buy during the busy holiday season. Change up the way you wrap gifts, whether that be for the holidays, birthdays, or special events in your life by using Sharpie markers.

Sharpie markers make it easy and fun to create your own unique wrapping paper that won’t go to waste as easily as regular wrapping paper. Decorate either brown or white paper cushioning with different colored sharpies and customize the design based on the person you are gifting to. This addition to the gift can be a great personal touch and can be appreciated more compared to the generic regular wrapping paper found at a store. By using a little creativity and a high quality paper cushioning, you can use all different types of sharpies to design your wrapping paper as much or as little as you want.

What are the benefits of customizing your own wrapping paper?

Despite the length of time it may take to decorate and create hand drawn wrapping paper, the main benefit is that it saves money. By purchasing a roll of white or brown Kraft paper, you are giving yourself a blank canvas that can last a lot longer than a roll of regular wrapping paper to use for other projects as well.

Another benefit of making your own wrapping paper is that it’s more memorable. Children won’t necessarily remember the design on the store-bought wrapping paper during holidays but making the effort to personalize it makes it special.

One more benefit for decorating your own wrapping paper is that you can reuse it! The thickness of the paper makes it easy to save and reduces it from ripping compared to the thin wrapping paper from the store. Simply remove the paper carefully, fold it up and save it for another gift.

What kinds of Sharpie’s would look best on Kraft paper or white paper?

Sharpies of all styles, thicknesses, and colors would be great for personalizing both Kraft and white paper. To get into the holiday spirit, the metallic colored sharpies and different colored sharpies would look best on both Kraft and white paper out of all the Sharpie products. Most Sharpie colors come in a variety of thicknesses and tip styles so that you can switch up the brush strokes on the paper. Be sure to test out your colors on a small swatch of the brown Kraft paper to make sure you are pleased with the results since it may look different compared to the white paper.

What are some tips for using Sharpie’s on wrapping paper?

The method you use to make your unique holiday wrapping paper is up to you, but here are some tips that might help reduce waste and your inspire creativity:

  • Use a pencil to outline your design so that if you make a mistake, you can fix it prior to using the markers.
  • Size your paper based on the gift you plan on wrapping and cut it to that size to ensure that you aren’t wasting any paper.
  • Gather a variety of Sharpies to have an array of colors, styles, and thicknesses throughout your paper to give it different dimensions.
  • Plan out your design or come up with some style ideas beforehand so that you aren’t wasting the paper and starting over again.
  • Use colors that will show up well on the Kraft paper. Holiday colors such as red, green, blue, and yellow are great for holiday wrapping paper.

How to Make Custom Wrapping Paper

While it can be a time commitment for some, making your own wrapping paper for the holidays is a great way to give a special touch to the outside of the gift. Using sharpies is a great way to be bold and show off your artistic skills that can leave a lasting impression at your holiday party or get together. Along with the benefits that comes with making your own wrapping paper, you can be creative and customize the designs however you see fit. Make your own wrapping paper with Sharpie® this holiday season!