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Top Calendars for 2023

By December 27, 2022December 30th, 2022Calendars & Planners, Workplace & Office
Women writing with blue marker on a desk calendar.

What are the benefits of using planners or calendars?

Calendars and planners are useful tools for people to get organized and to remain organized all year long. Whether you use one for work-related tasks, or for your everyday to-do list, there is no denying that they are beneficial. While calendars and planners are mainly used to stay organized, there are many other ways that they can add value to many people’s lives. Those include:

  • Organization: Staying on top of and keeping track of your tasks with a planner is a great way to stay organized. Work can get busy and keeping track of it all can be difficult without a system. Making a list or dedicating certain days to different projects is a great benefit that calendars have, which can help you stay on top of everything.
  • Time management: Improving on time management skills and learning to become more flexible with your schedule is a great benefit to using a planner. Putting the most important tasks towards the top of your list can help you manage your time more efficiently.
  • Decrease stress: Studies show that writing things down and crossing things off a list can improve stress levels because you can physically see that your to-do list is diminishing. Planning out your day or week in advance can help relive some stress because all of your tasks are written down on rather than in your head.
  • Accountability: Holding yourself accountable and being able to physically see the progress you’ve made throughout the day/week is a way that calendars and planners assist us in staying on task. When you write things down and begin crossing things off, the motivation to continue can increase.

What are the top rated planners/calendars for 2023?

There are many great options to choose from when it comes to the top calendars and planners for 2023. Whether you use a calendar or a planner to organize your work-related tasks, upcoming events or schoolwork, the planners and calendars that are predicted to be top rated for the year 2023 are broken down into categories which consist of:

Desk Calendars:

  • AT-A-GLANCE Ruled Desk Pad, 22” x 17”, 2023
  • Blue Sky Lindley Desk Pad, 22” x 17”, 2023
  • House of Doolittle Recycled One-Color Refillable Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, 22” x 17”, 2023

Wall Calendars:

  • AT-A-GLANCE Monthly Wall Calendar with Ruled Daily Blocks, 8” x 11”, White, 2023
  • Blue Sky Day Designer Monthly Wall Calendar, 15” x 12”, Peyton Navy, 2023
  • House of Doolittle Recycled Bar Harbor Wire bound Monthly Wall Calendar, 12” x 17”, 2023


  • AT-A-GLANCE Recycled Monthly Planner, 9” x 11”, Black, 2023
  • Blue Sky Lindley Weekly/Monthly Planner, 8 ½” x 11”, 2023
  • House of Doolittle Recycled Professional Weekly Planner, 15-min Appointments, 8 ½” x 11”, Black, 2023

In what instances are planners and calendars good to have?

The purpose of planners and calendars is to help you stay organized with work tasks, meetings, appointments, and other items that might be on your to-do list. Planners and calendars are important to have handy especially at work, so that you can refer to them throughout the day or week and to prepare for upcoming events like meetings. Here are some instances where having a planner or a calendar would be good to have in addition to other office supplies:

At Work:

A lot of people like to use calendars for work because they can plan out their days or weeks in advance. This can help you to stay on top of the workload and to be more productive since you can physically see all of the tasks that need to get done. School teachers, office employees, business owners, receptionists, and medical professionals would all benefit from using a planner or a calendar in order to stay organized. Using these items can help create and sustain structure to their workday and can be used to plan upcoming events or appointments more efficiently.

At School:

Using a planner or a way to track assignments can be taught in schools to prepare students to become more organized in the future. Planners and calendars are great for keeping track of assignments, due dates, exams, project deadlines and other miscellaneous tasks students have throughout the week or semester. College students might benefit more from having calendars for organization purposes since they tend to have more on their plate compared to younger students. Either way, students of all ages can benefit from using a planner or a calendar to improve their time management skills and to prepare them for life beyond school.

For Special Events:

Using a calendar or a planner can be helpful to keep track of special events such as birthdays, holidays, meetings, work-related events, and other notable occasions. Having events like these marked down in your calendar or planner is a great way to stay up to date on work commitments, personal celebrations, or errands. Writing these types of things down on a calendar or in a planner can also serve as good reminders for those who might over-book themselves or tend to forget about things easily.

What are the best calendar brands to use for work?

There are many exceptional calendar brands to choose from, especially ones to use at work. Some of the best-selling brands that W.B. Mason offers are:

  • Blue Sky™
  • House of Doolittle®

All three of these brands offer a large variety of sizes, colors, styles, and types of calendars to choose from. Based on what you are looking for, these brands are bound to have something to fit both your organization needs and your budget.

Tips on how to find the best calendar/planner

Finding the right calendar or planner for you doesn’t have to be difficult. When searching for the most effective option, think about what you will be using it for. Do you want it hanging on the wall, flat out on your desk, or easily available in your workbag? Do you want specific features such as options to plan weekly, decorative, and fun colors, or smaller time slots per day? Here are some tips if you have trouble deciding on the right calendar or planner for you:

  • Think about what type will be most effective for you and your organization style: if you need to visually see everything you have to do and want to write in tasks with more detail, go with the desk calendar.
  • Consider the size difference between desk calendars, planners, and wall calendars: if you need to be able to pull something out of your purse, workbag, or backpack to write something down in, go with a planner.
  • If you prefer to see your week/month in a different setting, go with a wall calendar. These are great if you write smaller, and don’t need to provide yourself with a ton of details.

Why are paper calendars and planners beneficial?

While the world has transitioned into becoming progressively more digital over the past few decades, paper calendars and traditional planners have not gone out of style. Physically writing things down such as appointments, meetings, events, and work tasks are very beneficial for organizational purposes and can be more valuable to some people compared to a digital version.


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