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Go Green While You Work from Home

By January 18, 2021February 1st, 2023Sustainability
Going Green

Like myself, I’m sure many of you are working from home and it’s become more of a long-term situation that I don’t think any of us were expecting. Being home more often, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve needed to buy items like pens, soap, toilet paper, and general cleaning products more often than you normally would. Now that you are home a lot more than before COVID-19, you are using these products a lot more than before. Take more control of the products you are buying and go green in 2021!

More and more companies are making the move to make their products out of recyclable products or are pledging to help plant trees and clean our oceans. Why not support those businesses that are trying to make our world a cleaner place? And, not to mention, they have great products that are already household names!

The rooms below are ones most affected now by the transition to working from home – check out our solutions to make more eco-friendly choices in each space!

Going Green in 2021


Regardless of your office situation, whether you have a dedicated room or if it’s a makeshift office at your kitchen table, you need office supplies to help you get through your day-to-day tasks. A green item that I know I use all the time is Post-it® notes. Whenever I have a thought that I need to get down quickly, or just jotting down a few notes from a call or meeting, I always find myself reaching for my Post-it® notes. They are also great to use as reminders. When I want to ensure I don’t forget to do something for the next day, I can just jot it down on the Post-it® and stick it somewhere on my computer.

The next must-have are pens. How can you work without them? Now that you’re working from home, it’s a great excuse to get your favorite pen that might be a little more expensive. We have several different brands of eco-friendly pens, making for several different options! To find which type of pen is right for you, check out a previous article where we explain the differences in the 3 main types of pens. On the theme of staying organized, a calendar or planner is a great way to do this. Jotting down due dates of projects, upcoming meetings, and other general reminders are just a few great reasons to have a calendar or planner for your workspace.


When finding out that you’ll be working from home, you probably didn’t think about the additional items that you’ll need to have for the restroom. Purchasing more toilet paper and soap probably didn’t cross your mind when you initially heard you would be working from home, but after just a few weeks of being home, I learned this pretty quickly. Here at WB we have a wide range of toilet paper products, and going green doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. With our selection, we feel confident you’ll find the perfect product. Soap is another item that is getting more use – we recommend Method® as a green alternative. Method® uses natural ingredients like glycerin aloe extract so you can feel confident when you wash and clean your hands. Round out your bathroom with using green cleaning products to make this room sparkling clean.


I’m sure you’re finding yourself in the kitchen more -whether it be making yourself breakfast or lunch, grabbing a snack, or brewing that second cup of coffee to help you get through the afternoon. This is probably leading you to purchase more essential items like paper towels, dish soap, and napkins.

Now having more dishes and cleaning up more messes, I find myself using a lot more dish soap and detergent as well as paper towels. Napkins are another essential item that is being used more and more and Tork® is a great green option to use! Go green in your entire kitchen, even down to your waste liners! They might not be something you think a lot about, but Earthsense® is a great liner made of recycled content that is also puncture and leak resistant.

Now that you’re going green in your office, bathroom and kitchen, why not go green in your whole house? Let’s start 2021 on a positive note, not only for you, but also for the environment!