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A W.B. Mason Look At… Overstock

By January 25, 2021February 1st, 2023Uncategorized
A WB Look at Overstock

Between 1985 – 1995 I had a subscription to the classic satire publication Mad magazine. If you’re not familiar with it, the publication was a mostly low-brow, sarcastic, and in my view hilarious take on pop culture, politics, and history. Along with reoccurring favorites such as “The Lighter side of” and “Spy vs. Spy”, Mad would occasionally run “A Mad Look At…” and spoof a common household object or offer an alternate take on any given subject. My 12-year-old self couldn’t resist the tasty sarcastic nuggets that arrived in the mail box once per month.

Like any other retailer, we at W.B. Mason have a running list of overstocked items that we have a vested interest in paring down. In the spirit of Mad magazine and my childish sense of humor, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to give some alternate uses of some of them.

  1. Highlighters
    Common use: To call out a word, sentence, or photo on paper. Typically for the workplace or school.
    Alternate Use: Make your white sneakers brighter! With a variety of neon colors, the possibilities are endless. Mom will love it.

  1. Post-its®
    Common use: A convenient place to jot down a reminder or note for yourself that can be placed anywhere.
    Alternate Use: Cover every single surface of your house-mates’ workspace or desk with colorful sticky notes! That way they can write wherever they want. They will SO appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

  1. Label Makers
    Common use: A great way to quickly print labels for files, binders and storage containers.
    Alternate Use: Give certain household object new names. Laundry Detergent can be “Laundry Sauce.” Coffee can be “Daddy’s Wake Up Juice.” The eggs in the fridge can be “Unhatched Chickens.” Brilliant.

  1. Bottled Water
    Common Use: A refreshing, natural and simple way to stay hydrated. Goes with literally everything.
    Alternate Use: Water Bottle Bowling!! This fool proof way to enjoy bowling in your own home is a no-brainer. Be sure to use a real bowling ball.

  1. Name Badge Kits
    Common Use: An easy and common way to introduce yourself at a conference, party or any social event.
    Alternate Use: This is almost too easy. Clearly I will be renaming myself around the house every day. Today I’ll start with “Daddy Poppins.” Tomorrow can be “Commander in Chief.” Yes, you have to address me this way – it’s ON the badge.

  1. Snacks
    Common Use: A small amount of food for staving off hunger in-between meals. Can be easily stored in a break-room at work or in the pantry at home.
    Alternate Use: If you don’t want them, feel free to give them to me. I will eat all the snacks. #dadbod

  1. Partitions
    Common Use: An essential product for restaurants, grocery stores, and businesses of all kinds to protect employees and patrons during Covid-19
    Alternate Use: I created a penalty box at home for kids who don’t listen. It’s almost always in use. Most common infraction – a 5 Minute Major for fighting.

  1. File Folders
    Common Use: An organizational tool for keeping papers, documents and files of all sorts together and safe.
    Alternate Use: I found that these make great paper airplanes. I like to write little messages on them and fly them into my girlfriend Mary’s home office. Note: Not advisable while recipient is on a Zoom call.

As you can see, our products have myriad uses and applications in the office and also at home. Check out our deals and see what fun, snarky things you can come up with. Now if you will excuse me, the kids and I are in the middle of a game of “basement-lights-off roller-skate flashlight tag.” Ouch!! 5 Minute Major!

**W.B. Mason reminds you to only use items in accordance with the manufacturer’s directed use