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Coffee Meets Sustainability

By April 13, 2021January 10th, 2023Breakroom & Coffee
Coffee Meets Sustainability

In 2021, sustainability is at the forefront of all our minds – consumers and businesses alike. People are making concerted efforts at work and home to reduce their carbon footprint – whether it be ditching the plastic straw, opting for a reusable bag at the grocery store, or even shutting off the tap when brushing their teeth. But how can you continue your sustainability efforts while enjoying your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea?

Introducing K-Cycle™ – A K-Cup® pod recycling solution delivered from Keurig®. This program’s purpose is simple: make sure every K-Cup® pod is fully recycled to give each material a second life and reduce waste destined for landfills.

How Does it Work?

You Brew and Collect We Recycle and Compost

The program requires very little additional effort on your part. Simply continue brewing your favorite K-Cup® pods and dispose of them in your designated K-Cycle™ recovery bin. Then when the bin is full, present it with its pre-paid shipping label to your UPS driver, arrange a UPS pick-up, or drop it off at any UPS location.

UPS ships the bin via the UPS Carbon Neutral Program which supports projects that offset the emissions of transportation. Then, with the help of g2 revolution®, an innovative recycling company, each of the K-Cup® pod’s components are separated. The coffee or tea grounds along with the filter become organic compost, while the plastic and aluminum are recycled and given a second life.

What is more, the K-Cycle™ bins themselves are eco-friendly. Delivered in 5-packs to reduce carbon emissions, the bins are comprised of at least 70% recycled material and are 100% recycled after use.

How Do I Get Involved?

Interested in joining Keurig®’s sustainability efforts? Reach out to your sales representative and ask them how you can get your hands on a K-Cycle™ recovery bin! You can choose from two different recovery bin sizes to fit your workplace – 175 and 450 K-Cup® pod capacities. And as of 2021, all K-Cup® pods, including partners such as Dunkin’®, Caribou Coffee®, and Starbucks® can be recycled!

The transition to a fully recyclable K-Cup® pod assortment was a multi-year effort for Keurig®, requiring intensive product development and capital investment. Their manufacturing process was transformed to produce pods from polypropylene #5 plastic – a tough, heat resistant, recyclable alternative. They coupled this product development with a $10 million commitment to The Recycling Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition to ensure that recycling facilities across the U.S. have the capability to recycle polypropylene. In this, Keurig is not only ensuring that their pods be successfully recovered in recycling facility streams but are making strides to increase the efficacy of polypropylene recycling for all.

Thirsty for more ways to be a conscious coffee drinker? Just continue drinking your favorite K-Cup® pod varieties! All of Keurig’s K-Cup® pods are 100% responsibly sourced — adhering to Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ sourcing standards. Drink assured knowing that your cup of coffee or tea protects the land as well as the growers and their communities.



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