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7 Fun Facts from The W.B. Delivery’s First Year

By May 25, 2021January 17th, 2023W.B. Mason
WB Mason Truck

Happy Anniversary to us! It’s been 1 full year – 52 weeks – 365 days of collaborating on The W.B. Delivery! It feels great!

For all the reasons why the pandemic was awful, I want to call out specifically the fact that we couldn’t be together in person. In-person connection is how W.B. Mason as an organization since 1898 has built our business, through our customer intimate model. But a pandemic hit us, and physical distancing was instituted, so we launched – and now we’re connected in a new way! It has been enlightening for us as an organization, and not to mention a lot of fun.

So, what’s next? We are going to double down on a successful first campaign and deliver more articles of how you can work smarter and win your own workday, increase productivity and organization through our stories of delivering better business, collaborations with our wonderful manufacturing partners and product-focused educational pieces, and finally, a look into W.B. Mason’s own rich history as well as other culture-building ideas in Masonville Today.

So now that the world is reopening, we want you to spread the word! Share our articles with colleagues as your organization is planning their return to the workplace and tell us what you want to know more about! With all the fun tidbits of information you gathered in the past year, you’re exploding with knowledge! Let us send you into that Memorial Day BBQ this long weekend with seven of our own favorite “Did You Knows” we learned from reading The W.B. Delivery in the last year. You’ll be the talk of the party!

In One Day Adults Touch Surfaces and their Face Many Times

Ok maybe not the thing to bring up right when you’re about to chow down on a cheeseburger. Honestly this fun fact may not have even been the most shocking fact we learned in our piece titled What’s the Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting? Maybe it was that the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Okay now my appetite is fully spoiled, pass me a Cranberry Lime Polar Seltzer – the bubbles will help settle my stomach. None the less as we all return to the office, we have a distinct perspective of sanitization and cleanliness, and this article supplies the tools to be ready!

Help Reduce Eye Strain

As a person who went to the eye doctor for the first time in many years for “eye discomfort”, I realized I was staring at screens far more often in the digital environment that COVID-19 forced upon many. For every 20 minutes spent looking at the computer screen, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away to help reduce eye strain. We rarely are giving our eyes a break going from the computer to our phone then to the television. Humans normally blink around 15 times each minute and when you stare at a screens, this number decreases to a half or even a third as often. The result is dry, irritated, and tired eyes. It takes about 20 seconds for your eyes to completely relax. This is one of the many principles of ergonomics you should focus on in 2021. By the way, you probably just touched your face again, are you keeping track of all the surfaces you’ve touched today?

Handwritten Notes Stand Out

How were you invited to that Memorial Day BBQ? My first guess would be a group text, but if not, I’ll say perhaps some sort of digital invite. We looked at how small businesses can use some traditional marketing pieces to make their business STAND OUT from the rest, and one of our suggestions ties back to the handwritten word! Writing out that card takes effort, it is personal, and it is the very thing that digital marketing tries to emulate but can never truly replace!

Bubble Wrap was Invented Accidentally

Complete mindless trivia that everyone loves! Boy did I love popping bubbles as a kid and honestly still do as an adult, it’s quite therapeutic. In 1957 Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes developed the product as textured wallpaper – it was created using two pieces of plastic shower curtain put through a heat-sealing machine. Today bubble wrap is everywhere! It’s an efficient way to fill the remaining space in your box while cutting down on the overall weight and in turn will minimize returns from damaged products!

Bad Tasting Water is Caused by Unclean Cooler

You would change the filter in your air conditioner before you would use it after a long period of inactivity. Right? Wouldn’t you? Share these helpful tips with the individual in charge of the water in your workplace to empower them with the knowledge they need to up your water cooler game in the office. I mean this seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it? You’d change the air filter in your car if your mechanic showed you it was dirty right? Ok I’ll stop!

Virtual Team Bonding Can Keep Office Culture Alive

I miss seeing my officemates. I really do. From the quick stories we’d share about weekend plans, grabbing lunch, or working on a project shoulder to shoulder can help build a culture that turns colleagues into friends. Virtual Scavenger hunts, or a game of Family Feud, Name that Tune, or “Guess Who” are all little ways we can interact outside of the million tasks we have to do, even virtually!

Antimicrobial is Different than Antibacterial

When I first saw these terms, I thought they were similar if not interchangeable, but it turns out they are different and it’s important to know. Antimicrobials treat the surface of a product so microorganisms cannot grow on them while antibacterial items focus on killing of just bacteria. Both have their spot in the workplace, click here to read more! Always read the label and follow the directions for any product.

The national pesticide Information center made a fantastic fact sheet about antimicrobials you can find here! Another thing to note about antimicrobials is who regulates them: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates antimicrobial products as pesticides which are used on objects for example countertops, toys, grocery carts, and equipment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates antimicrobial products as drugs/antiseptics which are used to treat or prevent diseases on people, pets, and other living things.

Thank you for reading along throughout this year, check back at The W.B. Delivery as we continue sharing our knowledge of the workplace to help you thrive!


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