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I am passionate about staying organized. Nothing makes me happier than going to find something and having it be exactly where I thought it was. Turns out, I put it in that place on purpose because it makes sense, is easily accessible for whatever task is at hand, and slowly streamlines my day. This saves time, effort, and most importantly, my sanity. Becoming and staying organized can be a popular New Year’s Resolution for many people and is a skill that many people strive to get better at all year long.

Like many of us, I honed my acumen for becoming organized at a young age. My baseball cards were sorted by team, year or by player and I had a stack of Rolling Stone magazines organized in chronological order so I could easily find a particular issue. As I reached high school and college, I kept close track of my calendar, appointments, and contacts with a leather-bound organizer. My whole life was laid out in daily fashion on a small 4×6 inch removable page. I know what you’re thinking, that I sound incredibly uncool and maybe even a bit nerdy. That’s okay, I’m happy to be an organized nerd. Since then, I’ve continued to work on my organization and have added various apps on my phone, tablet, and computer to improve. In addition to the calendars, the concepts are the same: being organized saves time, makes me more productive, and at times, it can save me more money. 

The good news is that W.B. Mason offers a whole slew of products that can help you streamline the way you stay organized and keep the New Year’s Resolution going strong. Let’s check out this month’s Fabulous Four for some organizational products.  

Best New Item: U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar  

This month’s best new item is a dry erase calendar from the folks at U Brands. This versatile tool is easy to hang, has a stylish frame and the best part, it’s highly durable. That means it’s resistant to staining, ghosting, and erases easily so you can move on to your next task. This product is compatible with all dry erasers and has a section on the right to jot extra notes that are specific to the month shown. This is a great tool to add to your workspace if you are trying to stay organized during the new year.

Unsung Hero: Avery Removable ID Labels 

An absolute must to keep your physical items in order. If you work in accounts receivable or even in a mechanics shop, these handy labels will be useful. Adhering to almost any smooth surface – wood, metal, plastic, glass or paper, Avery labels are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to create. With a quick jaunt to, you can download free printable templates and designs so you’re not re-inventing the wheel each time you want to label something. At home I label all the snacks as “Dad’s” – though the kids seem to ignore it because they get eaten anyway. Use Avery labels to get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution and stay organized throughout the year.
Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: DYMO® by Pelouze® M5 Digital Postal Scale 

From time to time I sell things on a popular auction website. During the pandemic it was old baseball cards and other trinkets that had some value. The post office allows you to purchase a pre-paid label online now so you can simply drop the package off and be on your way. The only problem was estimating the weight of the parcel. I ordered one of these little guys and it solved all of my problems. With a compact design it fits right on my desk at home. The LCD screen is easy to read and is very accurate. The best part is to only requires 3 AAA batteries, so you don’t need to be near a plug to weigh your items. Now I can weigh my item, package it up securely and just drop it off with no need to wait in line. This tool can be useful to have for both small and large businesses if you send mail and packages frequently.

MVP: AT-A-GLANCE Ruled Desk Pad

This month’s MVP comes to us from the appropriately named AT-A-GLANCE. With a single glance at this ruled desktop calendar, you can get a sense of your tasks for an entire month. Conveniently ruled so you can add appointments and notes to each day and see the whole year at the bottom for easy reference. I have a smallish desk so I like to hang mine on the wall at home. We put family reminders on it so the kids can easily check when hockey practice is (and stop pestering us). When the month is up, you simply rip it away and you’re on to the next one. Get your New Year’s Resolution off to a great start by using a desk calendar like this one!

That’ll do it for this month’s Fabulous Four. Just remember that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Happy New Year!