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Best Business Laptops and Computers for 2023

By February 14, 2023February 22nd, 2023Technology, Workplace & Office
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What are business computers and laptops?

Business computers and laptops are examples of technology supplies that are needed for work related tasks. Computers and laptops can be very beneficial for businesses and organizations, because of how essential they can be to certain industries. There are many brands and models to choose from as well as features, abilities, and purposes. Different industries may need their business computers and laptops to have certain qualities depending on what they are needed for.

What to look for in a good work laptop or computer?

When searching for the best computers for work, there are things that should be taken into consideration before making a big purchase. Computers, laptops, and most technology accessories can be pricey, so doing your research beforehand can be helpful to find what is right for you and your company.

It can be important to have a list of features that you are looking for in a business laptop or computer. Things like portability and reliability can be examples of things that businesses might look for in employee computers and laptops. With an influx of companies allowing employees to work remotely, the best computers for work might need to be portable and reliable. The tentative lifespan of a computer or how portable it is can influence someone’s decision to purchase it. W.B. Mason offers office laptops and computers that are portable and can be useful for both remote and in-office work.

Budgets & Pricing

Establishing your budget can be a great start. Keep in mind that more expensive business laptops can last longer and can be better equipped compared to lower-priced options. Overall, figuring out how much your company can spend on new technology first can point you in the right direction for figuring out your desired features, brands, and models to go with.

Connectivity & Storage

Some additional things like the computer’s hard drive, the processor, port connections, weight and display are important to consider as well. Since employees will most likely use the computers for long periods of time, it’s important to consider these things as well. The hard drive stores all of the computer’s data and memory, so making sure you have an idea of how much storage you need the computer to have is important. The processor ensures the speed of the computer, so having the most current processor might be a feature to consider.

Weight & Display

Depending on your industry, various port connections may be essential for your line of work. It can be a good idea to look into what computer models have the port connections you are looking for. The computer’s weight and display are also significant aspects to look into. If employees will be traveling with the computer, finding a light-weight option could be a good idea. Making sure that the display has different settings can help improve workplace ergonomics and reducing eye strain and headaches.

Battery Life & Durability

Some other things to look for before buying workplace computers and laptops are things like battery life and durability. The amount of time a computer can last for without having to be charged can be an important factor, along with how dependable it can be long term. When searching for the best business laptop, companies tend to want options that will last for years in order to make their investment worth it. Finding computers and laptops that fit your budget and have the features you want doesn’t have to be difficult. W.B. Mason has a wide section of options at competitive prices that can help you and your business.

What are some examples of good computers or laptops for work?

There are many types of good computers and laptops to use for work. The ones you choose can depend on your industry, type of workplace, or the kind of work you need them to do. Here are some examples of business laptops and computers that W.B. Mason offers:

  • Acer Swi’ 7 14″ Touchscreen Notebook
  • Acer Travel Mate P2 15.6″ Notebook
  • ASUS Chromebook 12 C223NA-DH02 11.6″ LCD Chromebook
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X390 13.3″ Touchscreen Notebook
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7, 14″ Notebook

These examples only represent a fraction of what W.B. Mason offers in terms of laptops and computers for work. To find the best business laptops for your company, take a look at our offerings and competitive prices.

What are some brands to consider when shopping for business computers or laptops?

There are multiple technology brands to consider, but W.B. Mason offers popular computer brands most businesses depend on including:

  • Acer
  • ASUS
  • HP
  • Lenovo

All of these brands are reputable and have reliable model options that can help your business. They can be portable, easy to carry, and can last for years compared to personal use computers. Computers and laptops are essential for many lines of work, and with remote work becoming more prominent, they can be very beneficial for many people.

Why is having a good business computer or laptop important?

Having a modern and up-to-date business computer can be helpful for work-related tasks and can have advantages over older models. Computers and laptops continue to play an important role in business, especially as technology advances. Since some companies have become more flexible and can allow employees to work remotely, computers and laptop models have become more reliable for those individuals. Technology can help people stay connected, whether that be for work tasks, meetings, or communicating with one another. Here are some other reasons why business computers and laptops are important:

  • Less paper: Using computers and laptops for business can reduce the amount of paper an office or company goes through. Preserving paper by using computers can reduce your company’s carbon footprint which can be great for the environment.
  • Easier to communicate: Using laptops and computers for work can help boost the communication levels between employees. Something like a mass email can get a message across to multiple people more successfully than word of mouth. Emails and communication messages via computers can also be references to look back on if someone needs a refresher on the topic or forgets a piece of information.
  • Increase in productivity: The rate at which you get tasks done can be higher if you are using computers and laptops. Using technology for work can be beneficial because of how much faster you can complete tasks. Depending on the industry or type of work, computers and laptops can be a factor in your company’s increased productivity.

What are the best laptops for work?

When searching for the best laptops for business and work tasks, it can help to do research before making your purchase. Understanding how the laptop will be used and what tasks they will need to accomplish can help you to determine the right one. For an example, a website developer might need a computer with fast processor, compared to someone who uses a computer for minor tasks.

Establishing a budget and coming up with a list of preferred features can help make the search easier. With many different brands and models to choose from, your company’s new work laptops and computers can be a great asset to both employees and the business.


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