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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Office Supplies

By October 6, 2021January 17th, 2023Workplace & Office
Fabulous Four Office Supplies

When people think of W.B. Mason, they often think of office supplies. They aren’t wrong to do so – we have been an industry leader in this area for decades, selling paper, pens, binders, folders and more to businesses all throughout Masonville. What they don’t realize is that W.B. Mason has grown from its early days of rubber stamps and office products to include 15 major categories of items, vital to the success of business’s big and small. In this monthly article I’m hoping to provide some highlights to each of these categories in a fun and concise way. I’m calling it The Fabulous Four.

This month we will start with the old guard, the General, the patriarch. None other than the old reliable: Office Supplies.

Best New Item: Sharpie® S-Gel™ Retractable Gel Pen

Sharpie SGel Retractable Gel Pen

I used to think that a pen is a pen is a pen, until I tried the S-Gel pen. This newcomer truly changes the writing experience. This pen is smooth like silk as the gel glides across the page, making me want to doodle between my notetaking in meetings. I know what you’re thinking… doesn’t Gel equal smear? Nope, this pen is built to be anti-smear and anti-bleed so you can concentrate on what is important. The best part is it comes in multiple pack sizes and colors so my notes are on point and my doodles look like artwork. Welcome to the team Sharpie S-Gel!

Unsung Hero: Quartet® Glass Dry Erase Desktop Computer Pad

Quartet Dry Erase Computer Pad

This is one of the best products I never knew I needed until I saw a co-worker using one. It sits nicely between your keyboard and monitor and takes the place of a thousand little pieces of paper for quick notetaking. A perfect place to jot down a phone number or reminder for yourself during the workday. Since the board is dry-erase, it’s easy to use and re-use and it will never stain or leave a ghost of a previous note. It looks cool too! Who knew I could have so much organization and style in my productivity?

Most likely to be found in my home: ACCO® Binder Clips

ACCO Binder Clips

At home, I use these binder clips for everything. Aside from the conventional use of binding papers and files together in an organized manner, they are good for so much else. I use them as chip clips to keep snacks from going stale. Because they are rust resistant, I use them to close-up frozen vegetable bags and other items in the freezer. I use the large clips in the garage to hold extension cords together. I could go on and on about how much of a staple these clips have been around my household. They are strong, versatile, and a good value!

MVP: EXPO® Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers

This month’s Most Valuable Product comes to us from Expo and boy is it deserving of the honor. One of the most versatile product sets I can think of in any category, it will make your day easier without a doubt. Whether you work in a school, an office, or use them at home, dry erase markers make workflow and presentations clearer and more productive. In our office, we use them for our creative meetings, as it makes it much easier to brainstorm as a group and get multiple ideas in front of everyone at once. I know it’s invaluable to almost every school as well, as an alternative to a chalkboard. While you’re at it, check out Expo’s entire offering because they have a lot of cool features like a marker specifically meant to draw on your car windows! Perfect for those drive-by birthday celebrations.

That concludes the first of our monthly features for each of our major product category. I’m looking forward to highlighting some useful products as well as some unknown ones. See you in a month. Next up: Coffee!