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This year’s 4th of July marked the 247th year since our founding fathers told King George to officially buzz off. Those very colonists decided that they could no longer bear the tyranny of unjust taxes, lack of representation, and ridiculous powdered wigs. The newfound independence that followed opened an opportunity to start making their own goods in their own economic system, creating their own homespun wealth and prosperity. This led to American innovation, starting with things like the Cotton Gin, leading to the electric light bulb, and finally, the Fidget Spinner. In remembrance of that great declaration of independence from Great Britain, I’m highlighting 4 products, manufactured right here in the great U.S.A. So, let’s stoke the patriotic flame within all of us and see what old Uncle Sam recommends!

Best New Item: Pop-Tarts® Bites 
What’s more American than a Pop-Tart? Somehow the folks at Kellogg’s make the most American food – more American with Pop-Tart Bites!  Now when you’re hungry for that delicious strawberry-flavored filling pastry topped with sweet frosting and crunchy sprinkles – you can simply pop one in your mouth! The best part is that it comes in a resealable bag so you can save some for later – though they are so delicious that you may not want to. What an amazing country we live in!

Unsung Hero: Smead Hanging File Folders
My wife recently started her own business so naturally, working for a business supplier I knew just where to start getting organized. After buying a new desk, chair, and laptop from W.B. Mason, we needed a place to store her files. This is where Smead comes in as the unsung hero for this month. These hanging folders are built with the toughness needed to be used daily, a fast and easy application of labeling tabs, and the versatility of where to place them. Now she is up and running a smooth organized venture and all the tools needed for success. Sounds as American as it comes.

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Crayola® Crayons
For over 100 years Crayola has been the industry leader in crayons. Just about every home has owned a box of Crayola crayons that has entertained children through generations. My favorite was always the big one – the 120-color selection that ensured that I’d have all the colors and tones at hand no matter what my drawing called for. Now if my kids would stop peeling the labels and getting Burnt and Raw Siena mixed up maybe their drawing would make it onto the fridge more often. Just Sayin.

MVP: Kleenex Professional Facial Tissue Cube

Kleenex is one of the strongest American Brands I can think of. The very word Kleenex has been synonymous with facial tissue for over 80 years. Aside from its recognizability, it is of very high quality as well. Made with an absorbent 2-ply tissue, it’s soft and strong giving you a gentle and clean experience on your face and hands. The low-alert dispenser keeps you informed when the box is running low so that you don’t run out. Best of all, Kleenex is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, giving you the peace of mind that their production is eco-friendly and responsibly harvested.

That’ll do it for this month’s Fabulous Four. Remember that buying American supports American jobs, labor, and manufacturing. So do your patriotic duty and buy from the Red White and Blue! W.B. Mason is proud to be an American company that carries American-made products!