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fab four man with speech bubble hospitality

What are the things that are important to you when you are a guest at a hotel? For me, it boils down to comfort and cleanliness. Pretty simple concept when you think about it, but if you are the one executing these traits, it can be a challenging task to maintain. Like many things in life, the secret lies in the details. Yes, everybody is impressed by a Grande lobby or a California King sized bed, but did you provide the more basic amenities first? Is the toilet paper high quality? How is your water pressure? Is the housekeeping high quality and timely? Are there toiletries provided and readily available? Oftentimes, guests won’t even notice these things – and that can be a very good thing. It’s when they notice poor quality that things can go awry. So buckle up and let’s learn how to be really great hosts! Welcome to this month’s Fabulous Four! 

Best New Item: Diversified Hospitality Solutions 
This is the first time I’ve featured a grouping of products, but these amenities are relatively small, so I thought I’d give them a shout-out all at once. Perfect for overnight guests, these DHS products add a dash of class and comfort. Gentle on your skin and hair, these salon-style products are moisturizing and smell great. Providing a high-quality assortment of products like these for your guests certainly says that their experience is important to you.   

Unsung Hero: Rubbermaid® Commercial Executive High-Security Housekeeping Cart with Wheels 
When it comes to housekeeping carts, this one certainly is the Executive. Rubbermaid Commercial not only created a fully functional housekeeping station, but they did it in style with this product. The dual bag capacity allows for waste and recycling with a watertight PVC lining on both bins. The central compartment has space for your cleaning tools as well as an adjacent holder for vacuum attachments, brooms, and mops. Easily maneuverable, with interchangeable grips, and a removable platform, it is customizable to fit in any space such as a hallway or restroom. You simply won’t find a more versatile, better-looking, highly functional cart to help you get the job done with speed and efficiency.   

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Vertiflex® Countertop Serving Cart
This is actually a product I’ve been searching for recently for my pool area. Something I can wheel out, serve my guest’s cold drinks and snacks, clean easily, and tuck away afterward. Easy, mobile, and efficient. The folks at Vertiflex have certainly perked my interest in this model for a few reasons. First, it is sturdy. Not plastic or particle board, the frame is metal and the top is solid wood so it is built to last. Second, it’s on wheels so it is highly mobile – but the key here is that the wheels lock so it will stay in place wherever I choose to park it. Lastly, it looks great! If this cart is going to be for home use, I want it to be high quality but also LOOK high quality. Now that it’s settled… drinks are on me!   

MVP: Angel Soft Embossed Toilet Paper

I can’t celebrate this month’s MVP enough. If you need to use the restroom at work or anywhere outside your home, the first thing you notice is the level of comfort that is provided. The first thing I notice is the toilet paper. Is it soft? Is it a 2-ply?  Or will it feel like sandpaper and force me to use half a roll because it’s so thin? With this – Angel Soft has your back…or should I say your backside. This two-ply, embossed toilet paper is soft, absorbent, and adds a touch of luxury so you’ll feel right at home when you use it. Conversely, it shows your guests, tenants, employees, and customers that you care about them and their comfort. It’s the little things that make a difference! 

That’ll do it for Hospitality. I challenge you not to notice the important details next time you travel. If you are in the business, remember not to lose customers by cutting corners with the quality of small details!