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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Automotive Supplies

By March 2, 2022December 27th, 2022Automotive, Workplace & Office
Fabulous Four Auto Supplies

The last two years have been a wild one for the auto industry. Low inventory due to the supply chain issues, a microchip shortage, as well as overall less driving has made for a challenging market. Standing out from your competitors, top-notch customer service, and providing an excellent shopping experience is the minimum needed to compete. In this month’s Fabulous Four, I’ll go over some products that can help make the job as smooth as possible.

Best New Item: POSCA Water-Based Paint Marker

POSCA Water Based Paint Marker

The first thing that comes to mind when I look at these products is: “Just Married” drawn in colorful letters across the back window of a car – but perhaps I’ve seen too many movies. In addition to the fun and whimsical ways these markers help you announce something while driving, it has a more practical purpose as well for dealerships. Communicating your stellar prices, low milage, or model year in a quick and noticeable way has never been easier. These water-based paint markers are suitable for glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and leather. You can layer the colors without the colors bleeding allowing you to be extra creative if the mood strikes. On top of all that, they are non-toxic and quick drying so you can work fast and safely. Comes in a wide variety of colors and tip sizes, perfect for any task.

Unsung Hero: Air Dancer

Air Dancer

This might be my favorite item in all The Fabulous Four posts I’ve done. Is there anything that can make you smile more than seeing one of these guys dancing and flailing as you drive by an auto dealership? They are so fun, that my son chose a Halloween costume that resembled an Air Dancer a couple of years ago. We all cracked up as he walked down the street amongst mummies and superheroes, mimicking the movement of an Air Dancer. What a weird kid I’m raising! Takes after his dad I suppose.

For a dealership, the Air Dancer grabs the potential customers attention. Measuring 18 feet high, it’s a highly visible advertisement for your dealership. On top of that, it’s easily stored and light weight. If all else fails, you can hire my son to stand out in front and dance.

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Seat Covers

Seat Covers

I can’t believe I didn’t know we could buy these. Anyone who has children knows that the cleanup from mealtimes can take almost as long as the meal itself. The mess left behind on the gorgeously upholstered chairs from that expensive furniture store can simply break your heart. This is where these seat covers come in! From here on out, it’s seat covers for all 3 boys. I’ll be buying a pack of 1 million.

All jokes aside, the traditional usage of this product is pretty stellar as well. Auto dealerships and service centers can show their customers that they care about their vehicle at low cost. The high strength material sticks to the seat while being easy to remove. This prevents dirt and grime from transferring to vehicles being serviced – avoiding costly cleanups and happy, repeat customers.

MVP: Versa-Tags™ Kleer-Bak Stock Sticker

Versa Tags Kleer Bak Stock Sticker

This month’s Most Valuable Product is a real workhorse. The Versa-Tag is something a top auto dealership simply can’t do without. Supplying a surface to spell out a car’s most important information allows the customer to browse seamlessly without bogging down salespeople with multiple simple-to-answer questions. Price changes? Not a problem! This sticker comes right off with no residue and can be easily replaced on the inside of any window or windshield.

This concludes this month’s Fabulous Four on auto dealership products. I’m going to go try on that air dancer costume in front of my house – if you’re my neighbor, I’m sorry! Check back next month for facilities maintenance products.