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Vendor Spotlight: Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Kimberly Clark Professional Vendor Spotlight

Here at W.B. Mason, we pride ourselves on delivering the best selection of trusted brands’ products for your workplace. One of these trusted brands is Kimberly-Clark Professional™, who provide a vast portfolio of workplace solutions – from paper towels to personal protection equipment and more. Read on to learn more about how we work with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ to supply workplaces like yours with the essentials to help you keep your workplace clean and healthy from our partner at Kimberly-Clark Professional™ in this interview.

1. What is your name, company, and position? Also, how long have you been working with W.B. Mason?

My name is Dan Decriscio. I work for Kimberly-Clark Professional™ as a Business Development Manager. I have been with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ for 18 years, so I have known W.B. Mason and supported them indirectly for a long time, however I am new to leading the Business Development relationship, having just taken over the role in January of this year.

2. How would you describe your company?

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has a long history as a paper manufacturer, however we manufacture and sell a vast portfolio of workplace solutions including towels, soap, bath and facial tissue, wipers for any and every task, and personal protective equipment products such as apparel, eyewear, gloves, and masks. I would describe KCP as partners in helping our customers create exceptional workplaces that are healthy, safe, and productive.

3. What is something you have learned working with W.B. Mason?

Brands matter. W.B. Mason stands out from their competitors by investing in their own brand recognition and delivering on their brand promise. At KCP, we believe in brands, but rarely have I seen a Distributor embrace this the way W.B. Mason does. Customers who value brands will be loyal to W.B. Mason because they live their values every day.

4. What is something surprising to you about W.B. Mason?

W.B. Mason is a pretty large company; however they have a unique ability to pivot to changing market needs. A recent example of this is with the global pandemic hindering sales teams’ ability to travel – W.B. Mason vastly expanded its inside sales team by investing in their call center to meet customers’ needs of interacting with sales reps digitally vs. in-person.

5. With so many great places to sell your products, what makes W.B. Mason different?

This goes back to what I said about how W.B. Mason values brands. The whole team at W.B. Mason takes our KCP brands seriously. This demonstrates a real partnership – they believe in Kleenex®, Scott®, WypAll®, and all our brands as much as we do! I’d like to also add that W.B. Mason is about innovation. As noted earlier, W.B. Mason takes care of their customer by innovating their go to market to always improve service and experience.

6. Tell us a little bit about the new ICON™ Dispenser Collection.

And speaking of innovation! Well, this is my favorite topic to talk about these days! The ICON™ Dispenser Collection is the most exciting product line innovation we have launched in many, many years. The Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Collection is a full line of towel, tissue, and skincare dispensers featuring the latest technologies that ensure the most premium restroom experience available on the market. Our dispensers feature interchangeable faceplates, which means your customer can update the look of their restroom with just the snap of a faceplate! And our faceplates come in six gorgeous styles!

7. What are you most excited about with the ICON™ Dispenser Collection?

Custom Faceplates. Oh, did I forget to mention that part? Well, we have created a faceplate customizer in which your customer can actually create their own custom design, and have it printed and shipped to them for a truly unique experience. Imagine the possibilities! This can be an opportunity to have your dispenser (what has historically been a tool used for holding paper towels) become part of your restroom décor, or a vehicle to communicate with employees or guests in their restroom, a space to promote their brand, or even a space to advertise!

8. Who are the customers that will most benefit from the ICON™ Dispenser Collection?

The ICON™ dispensers deliver value in so many ways and will benefit pretty much any customer. We have engineered several advanced features that make these dispensers more efficient than other dispensers in our portfolio. For example, our patented dual-sensor technology. This prevents ghost dispensing and saves you from wasting paper. Or the lighted servicers cues, which enable cleaning staff to know whether a product change is needed or not. That can save so much wasted time in opening every single dispenser to check levels – one glance at the lights lets you know.

9. What customer problem/feature gap is your company attempting to address with the ICON™ Dispenser Collection?

Hygiene was important before the pandemic, but I think people are much more aware of hygiene systems and practices now more than ever. With the ICON™ Dispenser Collection we are able to provide high quality experiences and the best impressions to delight even the most sensitive and hygiene-aware customer. We do that of course through the dependable dispenser technology itself but also the ability to customize the aesthetics of these dispensers to fit the business’s needs and their environment. And I was just mentioning the many ways that businesses can use faceplate space in a way that best fits their needs. The possibilities are endless.

10. What teams within your company have been a part of developing and launching the ICON™ Dispenser Collection?

This has been an immensely collaborative project. Engineering, design, supply chain, marketing, sales, and even a handful of customers to provide early testing and feedback. This innovation is so unique and big, really it’s been the whole company that’s been involved!

11. What would you say to a company considering a new dispenser option?

Do your research. Dependability, flexibility, and capacity are very important. ICON™ dispensers are guaranteed for life, can be changed to fit evolving aesthetics, and dispense some of the largest rolls and cartridges of towel, tissue, and skincare products on the market. Also we sell these systems without the need to sign lengthy contracts for use. We encourage you to talk to your W.B. Mason sales professional who can consult with their Kimberly-Clark Professional™ sales professional to answer your questions and ensure you choose the right system to meet your needs.

12. Is there anything else you would like to share about the ICON™ Dispenser Collection, Kimberly Clark Professional, or W.B. Mason?

W.B. Mason is a great partner of Kimberly-Clark Professional™ and we are super excited to bring this innovation to you through them! Who but?