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Fiscal Year End in June

By June 21, 2022January 17th, 2023Workplace & Office
June Calendar

The end of June is often emblematic of summer. It’s upon us before we really feel like we’re in the summer and then all of a sudden its July and we’re not making the most of the weather. For many municipalities, government entities, and other businesses June is also the end of the fiscal year. Right now finance minded employees are heads down verifying the expenses of the past year and projecting the budget for the next Fiscal Year which starts July 1. This type of analysis makes me think of The Office when in Season 5 they found themselves with a budget surplus and spent the day debating how and if they should spend it. Coming in under budget garnered a bonus to the manager from the corporate office, but could result in less funding for the upcoming year. Needless to say the employees much preferred the notion of using the funds to improve their day-to-day.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, congratulations on your fiscal responsibility over the last year. While we won’t blame you if you choose to pocket a corresponding bonus, if word is out around the workplace and you choose to reinvest in the business then look no further than your one-stop-shop for all business supplies, W.B. Mason. Whether your internal office debate is about chairs or a new copier, we have you covered and then some.

At W.B. Mason we want to help your business succeed. Whether that’s through physical layout requirements and supplies, or morale boosting perks such as snacks and coffee. We will help you invest in the productivity of your workplace and employees.

For instance, has your office’s physical space gone through some dramatic usage shifts over the last few years? It might be time to reevaluate the furniture and layout, connect with us here to discuss a potential project. Or maybe it’s time to stock up on shipping material to be used in the warehouse since you’re shipping more products than ever before.

Regardless if this is a situation you find yourself in or not, congratulations and best of luck finishing out your fiscal year, and those of you businesses with a different financial schedule, keep us in mind as your fiscal year ends in the future. However you approach any funds left in the budget, just remember to never buy a fur coat until you’re certain you have the money.

From all of your friends here at The W.B. Delivery, welcome to summer, we hope you enjoy it and have a great end to your fiscal year.