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Serving Coffee in the Reimagined Workplace

By August 17, 2021January 26th, 2023Breakroom & Coffee
Serving Coffee in the Reimagined Workplace

70% of leaders in a recent survey say they plan to have employees back in the workplace this fall. With life getting back to a bit more normal pace, it’s time to start thinking about serving coffee in the reimagined workplace.

Here are our tips on why serving coffee is crucial for reopening the office and how to help employees feel safe & satisfied with your workplace coffee offerings.

1. Coffee Fuels Connection & Office Culture

Gathering in the break room over a cup of coffee allows for much needed reconnection and collaboration amongst employees. This activity is what most workers are looking forward to with returning to the office. Creating a break room space where co-workers can gather safely and enjoy coffee are critical components to bringing employees back to the office that will help build engagement and culture.

Socialization Tops the List
Top Workplace Amenities

2. Increase Beverage Variety

With the rise of making coffee at home verses visiting a coffee shop, 1/3 of Americans have discovered new coffees that they enjoy. 41% of Americans have tried a new type of coffee since the start of the pandemic. Help translate these at home experiences to the workplace by offering more than the traditional light, medium, dark and decaf coffee roasts. Think about flavored roasts like French Vanilla, seasonal roasts like Pumpkin Spice, and specialty roasts like lattes and brew over ice as well as tea and cocoa.

3. Supply Safe & Hygienic Coffee Options

A clean and hygienic coffee solution is a key part in helping employees feel safe when returning to the workplace. For coffee equipment that has been idle for the past few months, you will want to do a first deep clean with the proper brewer cleaning supplies, and then upkeep that maintenance as necessary.

Single-serve coffee options, like Keurig®, may be the most sanitary choice to offer in the reimagined workplace. The advantages of single-serve coffee are that no coffee pots are exposed to the air for extended periods of time, no coffee grounds to clean out of the brewer, and the sanitary sealed pod packaging. The smooth, non-porous surfaces allow for easy cleaning in between uses as well.

If possible, create a coffee station set-up that allows for at least six feet of separation between employees. Make sure you wash and/or sanitize your hands before touching anything. Minimize direct contact with the coffee machine by using touch tools, bakery sheets, or wearing gloves. Help get ready for the next person to use the machine by wiping it down thoroughly with disinfecting wipes. With all these new steps, your coffee bar is another great area to place signs to remind employees of these safety recommendations.

Watch our video below for a visual on keeping the coffee station clean and sanitary. W.B. Mason is here to help navigate any challenges you find in setting up a safe workplace.

Raise your coffee mug and cheers to a safe re-opening plan for your workplace!


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