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Can you put milk in a Keurig®?

By November 15, 2022May 30th, 2023Breakroom & Coffee, Health & Safety, Keurig
someone pouring milk into a cup full of coffee

Can you put milk in a Keurig? The short answer is no. Putting milk into a Keurig as opposed to water can damage the machine and can also make it smell bad. It can also be an issue for people who are allergic or are sensitive to milk and other dairy products because it lingers inside the machine. Bottom line, if you want your Keurig coffee maker to last for a long time and stay clean, don’t put milk into the water reservoir to brew your coffee.

What happens if you put milk in a Keurig?

Putting milk into your Keurig instead of water can result in damage to the machine. Using milk to brew coffee instead of water won’t work as well because coffee grounds are supposed to be brewed with hot water. Like coffee, espresso is pulled with water because milk also cannot go into espresso machines for similar reasons.

Using milk in your Keurig can make it stick to the water reservoir causing it to spoil and begin to smell bad. Even if you clean it, any amount of milk left at room temperature, especially after its been heated, can stink up the kitchen and make the inside of your machine smell foul. Along with that, all of the cups of coffee, tea, or cocoa you make after using milk will taste bad. The machine could also grow mold if it’s not cleaned thoroughly after using milk instead of water and may void your warranty. At the end of the day, it’s not worth the risk of ruining your Keurig to make a latte with milk.

How to Clean a Keurig After it Had Milk in it

If you forgot that milk doesn’t belong in a Keurig and accidently use it instead of water, one time isn’t going to completely damage your machine if you clean it right away. It’s best to clean it sooner rather than later to avoid the machine smelling bad, growing mold, or generating other types of bacteria. To clean your Keurig and get rid of any milk residue, simply put a few drops of dish soap into the water reservoir with water and brew it through the machine. Remember to leave out the coffee pod, because cleaning the machine is easier to do without the pod. Similar to cleaning a blender, cleaning a Keurig uses the same method where you run the machine with nothing but water and dish soap. It may be a good idea to do this method a few times to make sure all the milk is gone.

Milk contains proteins that water does not, and it can clog up the machine which makes it difficult to brew future cups of coffee. You can also use baking soda mixed with water, equal parts vinegar, and water, as well as lemon juice to clean the machine.

How to Fix a Keurig After Putting Milk in it

If you brewed your coffee with milk and your machine is acting up, here are some ways to possibly fix it without damaging it more:

  • Use vinegar: If soap and water isn’t getting the milk out of the water reservoir, try using equal parts of vinegar and water and repeating the same method. Spraying vinegar can also work, followed by wiping down the areas where the milk has been.
  • Add baking soda: For a commonly successful way to fix your Keurig brewer, boil a pot of water and add vinegar. Put a tablespoon of baking soda into the water reservoir and pour in the liquid and brew. Brew it a few more times with just water to ensure that the vinegar and baking soda is completely gone from the machine.
  • Descaling solution: As a last resort or if you don’t want to try the home remedies, buying a descaling solution can clean the water reservoir and may help fix the problem. Descaling a Keurig is important to do 1-2 times per month to get rid of buildup and limescale that may be inside your machine.

Ways to Add Milk to Your Favorite Keurig Coffee

You can still make your favorite milk-based coffee with a Keurig machine or Keurig products. Keurig offers machines that have built-in milk frothers to use for milk and other non-dairy based coffee drinks. If you’re wondering if Keurig has milk pods, you’re in luck. Keurig offers milk pods that already have milk components in it so that the milk taste is there without using milk in the water reservoir. W.B. Mason offers a wide range of milk pods for those who enjoy lattes, milk-based hot cocoa, and other delicious creations.

Another suggestion to make a milk-based drink that doesn’t involve using milk pods or the attachment is to heat the milk in the microwave first. Brew your coffee with whatever pod you want using the Keurig coffee maker but use less water so that it doesn’t fill the mug all the way. Using the smallest ounce setting the Keurig offers will make the coffee stronger but adding the warm milk to it will make the perfect latte. You can still enjoy milk-based or other non-dairy milk-based drinks with Keurig, just don’t use milk in the water reservoir.


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