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Address the Coffee Bar with 3 Quick Steps

By June 22, 2020January 3rd, 2023Breakroom & Coffee

Coffee in the workplace is becoming an essential amenity for employee satisfaction, and this trend is continuing to grow and change because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent study, over 40% of consumers surveyed are drinking more coffee now than before the pandemic. 95% of consumers studied say they feel pre-packaged and single-serve beverages are safe, and 58% are brewing more single-serve coffee now than before the pandemic. In addition, employees may not want to venture out to the local coffee shop until the pandemic is over. What’s the best solution to get coffee during the workday? Single-serve coffee options, such as those offered by Keurig®, are a great way to provide this perk without worrying about germs in communal drip coffee brewers or employees bringing in germs from outside.

Keurig® machines allow for easy sanitation of all frequent touchpoints, include detachable components, and are made of non-porous materials that do not absorb bacteria or germs. K-Cup® pods are designed to be air-tight, and when they are punctured by the Keurig® machine, the needle travels completely through the pod before water is dispersed so no contaminants from the lid will touch the water or your beverage. This system allows for safer brewing than traditional drip coffee machines.

But, how do we keep such a high-traffic area safe from germs? If possible, create a coffee station set-up that allows for at least 6 feet of separation between employees. Make sure you wash and/or sanitize your hands before touching anything. Minimize direct contact with the coffee machine by using touch tools, bakery sheets, or wearing gloves. Help get ready for the next person to use the machine by wiping it down thoroughly with disinfecting wipes. With all of these new steps, your coffee bar is another great area to place signs to remind employees of these safety recommendations.

Watch the video above for a visual on keeping your coffee station clean! W.B. Mason is here to help navigate any challenges you find in setting up a safe workplace.



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