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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Breakroom Supplies

By December 29, 2022January 26th, 2023Breakroom & Coffee, Workplace & Office
Graphic of W.B. Mason with a dialog bubble saying The Fabulous Four.

The 12th month of the year brings what is my number one favorite category. The Breakroom! Who doesn’t love a break? Who doesn’t love a break with a snack? Combining two of my favorite things is easy to write about. Whether it is in the corporate office or in your home office, snacking has become more than just what tastes good. It’s about finding quality products that are made with care and won’t bust your waistline with massive serving sizes and harmful ingredients. Let’s explore four products that are dependable and delicious!

Best New Item: Land O’ Lakes® Chocolate Supreme Cocoa Mix 

Who knew that Land O’ Lakes made anything other than cheese and butter? Much to my surprise, they now offer one of my favorite cold-weather drinks… Cocoa! Get this… these folks didn’t just put another run-of-the-mill hot cocoa drink out on to the market, they have 15 FLAVORS! Yes, you read that correctly. You could have a different flavor of cocoa every day for over two weeks without repeating yourself. Each flavor is made with real non-fat dry milk too. Simply adding hot water creates a creamy, rich froth that you can enjoy any time you’d like a comforting treat! Conveniently packaged in single serving 7oz. packages, with a shelf life of over 2 years, these gluten free and kosher drinks can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

Unsung Hero: Chef’s Cut Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky
I love Jerky. I’ve even made my own from time to time. It’s a high protein, low carb snack that I like to have between meals to stave away hunger and stay productive. Chef’s Cut is a quality brand that I trust to make a delicious jerky because it is naturally gluten free, nitrite free and MSG free. All of the goodness without the bad stuff. One of my favorites is their BBQ chicken which is made from 100% white meat chicken breast, coated in a blend of spices, honey, and molasses and slow smoked to perfection. With 12 grams of protein per serving, you can have a guilt free treat that reminds you of a backyard barbeque! 

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Snack Box Pros Party Snack Box 
The Snack Box Pros have so many awesome varieties to choose from, that I can’t keep up. With three kids at home, the “Party Snack Box” is certainly the biggest hit. There are over 40 snacking options per box, giving me no shortage of choices to choose from for lunches, or an after school snack. I have also been known to enjoy a bag or two of cheez-its when the mood strikes (it always strikes). In the office, it provides a variety that is certain to satisfy everyone’s unique craving. Check out their lineup and stock up. 

MVP: Poland Spring® Natural Spring Water

This month’s MVP is really every month’s MVP, water! At home I have a filter on my tap, but when you’re on the go or in the office we want a bottled water that we trust to be clean, come from natural sources and have no additives. Poland Spring without a doubt is the standard in this category. The eco-shaped bottle is made with 30% less plastic so there will be less to recycle. So have a cold one, grab a couple for the road and stay hydrated! 

That’ll do it for this month’s lineup, and for 2022! I’m looking forward to what next year brings to the Fabulous Four. In the meantime, grab yourself a snack and have a Happy New Year!