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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Paper

By October 13, 2022December 28th, 2022Paper, Workplace & Office
wb mason figure with a speech bubble highlighting the new fabulous four picks

While society has transitioned into more of a digital world, paper continues to be essential for doing business and is a critical product in other industries such as education. Kids still use notebooks; legal pads are still brought into conference rooms, and a healthy stock of 8.5×11” letter sized copy paper is needed in every office for a variety of reasons. For example, in our offices here at W.B. Mason, I’ve recently used not only letter and tabloid sized paper for various projects, but I’ve also used wide-format paper for our plotting machine, and perforated name-tag paper and graphing paper. In this month’s Fabulous Four, let’s explore some of the high quality and economical paper types we have to offer. From Businesses, to schools, to hospitals, and lots of other facilities, paper is still needed.

Best New Item: Astrobrights Colored Paper, 8.5″ x 11″, 24 lb.

Never have school projects been in better hands than now. The folks at Astrobrights have introduced a line of colored paper variety packs with so many options that you’ll have the entire rainbow at your fingertips. With 5-color assortments like Bright, Cool, Vintage, and Warm, there is an option for just about every creative task. 20% thicker than your standard copy paper, it is durable, and bright. On top of that, it is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers so while your kids are making beautiful art for your walls at home, you can create eye catching flyers at work.

Unsung Hero: Hammermill Copy Plus Print Paper, 92 Bright, 20 lb. Bond Weight, 8.5 x 11

When I think of this Hammermill paper, one word comes to mind: Workhorse. This letter sized paper is economical but dependable enough for everyday office use. It’s perfect for those high volume black and white documents that get printed most often in any professional environment. In addition to its attractive price-point and quality, it has a 99.99% Jam-Free guarantee, so you won’t be pulling your hair out fighting with it like some other less quality papers. The cherry on top is that it is manufactured from sustainable sources and is acid free, making it an environmentally friendly option that won’t yellow over time. 

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: HP Everyday Photo Paper, Glossy

Call me old fashioned, but I still like to print actual photos. They get stuck to the refrigerator, pinned to a bulletin board, or if truly worthy… put into a frame. The days of having to take a roll of film to your local pharmacy to have developed are so long gone that even mentioning it might raise some eyebrows. What is now in place of those archaic days and a photo simply living on your mobile device forever is home printing. Of course this requires a decent ink jet printer and more importantly, a good quality photo paper. For all of those things, you’ll need HP. Their Everyday Photo Paper is top-notch. The paper is coated with a glossy finish which not only makes your photos look great, but it also helps to preserve the image for a long period of time. On top of that, this quality product is made from recycled paper and dries super-fast so you can be eco-friendly and share with your friends and family quickly. Now if I can just get my kids to smile and stop with the rabbit ears, my photos will be perfect. 

MVP: Blizzard™ Blinding White Copy Paper, 98 Bright, 20 lb., 11 x 17  

Blizzard paper is this month’s big dog, the giant enchilada, the MVP in capital letters. Don’t mind if I do call our own house brand of paper the MVP, but we are paper specialists and certainly know the best when we see it. Or don’t see it! It’s so bright that we called it “Blinding White” because of its level 98 brightness. In addition, its ColorLok technology provides smear resistance so all of your office machines will be able to handle all of the glory Blizzard provides. Use with caution though, you’ll be blown away by how bright and crisp your designs’ colors look on it! 

That’ll do it for October’s Fabulous Four. Now go rifle through the images on your phone and print a few of those awkward family photos! See you next time!