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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Furniture

By August 18, 2022October 5th, 2023Furniture, Workplace & Office
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They say comfort is the death of creativity. Well, I’m a graphic designer by trade and I couldn’t disagree more! I’d change it to: “Comfort is the friend of productivity” and I’d start with a comfortable desk and chair. This logic can be applied to really everything in the office from the lobby to the work area and through the conference rooms. Strong, comfortable, quality office furniture sets you up for and promotes success…and if it looks great too, all the better! Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit in a chair 8 hours a day that leaves you with a backache or at a desk that doesn’t adjust to your individual needs. So, while I can’t fix your boss’s denied vacation request or the sub-par cafeteria food, I can make some suggestions that will make your day fly by in comfort. In this month’s Fabulous Four, let’s explore the real unsung heroes of the office space – furniture.

Best New Item: HON Parkwyn Club Chair 

Let’s start with the new kid on the block. With a name like “Parkwyn Club Chair,” I’ll admit, that my expectations were high. To my surprise, this stylish seat is not only well built and crafted in the heartland, its comfortable and affordable too! With a contemporary, modern look, it looks amazing in your waiting area, lobby or as an extra seat in the office itself. Get this… there is a whole line of Parkwyn sofas and chairs to compliment it! The best news is they are all classy, comfortable, and durable. Move over Bourgeoise, this one is mine.    

Unsung Hero: Flash Furniture Event Folding Table 
At first glance, you might think… so what – a folding table? But look closer my friend, this workhorse is an absolute necessity to have on hand at the office and at home. In fact, I’d have a few ready to use, and in different sizes. Let’s dive in to the 8-footer (not dive ON – I’m not a Bills fan).  For starters, you can fit up to 10 people around it, so throw a tablecloth on it and you’re ready for Thanksgiving. It folds in half so you can easily store it against a wall or any other narrow space. At 1.75 inches thick it’s waterproof and stain and impact resistant. So don’t worry about your nephew getting spaghetti sauce on it. The best part though…It has a carrying handle! Need I say more?     

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: SuperSeats™ “Moderator” High Back Executive Swivel Tilt Chair
At first, this may seem like I’m pandering to my employer, but I couldn’t help selecting this chair because it is in my home office as we speak. W.B. Mason’s line of SuperSeats are an unbelievable option for an affordable, high quality office chair. My top priority was comfort with stability being second and the Moderator checks off both. With an adjustable heigh and tilt tension, I can lean back and ponder my boss’s requests in comfort. Stylish, versatile and economical, the Moderator has not disappointed.   

MVP: Vari® Pro Plus™ 36 Height Adjustable Desk 

This month’s Most Valuable Product comes from Vari – the authority in adjustable desks. Gone are the days of your grandfather’s metal desk that weighed as much as a piano. Not only does Vari offer electric desks that move up and down on command, but these brilliant folks developed a converter desk – that sits right on your old model! The Vari Pro Plus is expertly designed so you can raise or lower your work area at will for maximum comfort. With a two-tier system that includes a deck for your keyboard, you can stand or sit with ease.  In addition, it’s made with a thick gauge steel for stability and durability so you can enjoy its flexibility for years to come. My back feels better already.

That’ll do it for this month’s Fab Four. We all need to work, but we don’t need to do it without comfort or style. So, if you’re buying for home, office or for your customers, W.B. Mason has your back!