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W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Furniture

By August 18, 2022May 2nd, 2023Furniture, Workplace & Office
Fabulous Four Furniture

At the beginning of the pandemic, we all scrambled to throw together a suitable home office for daily use. For me this resulted in using an old folding chair from the garage as “temporary” seating. Within a month I developed a mysterious back and shoulder pain along with an acute irritability which was out of character for my usual sunny disposition (unless you touch the thermostat).

Obviously, I needed to up my game to parallel what I was using while in-office which was a high quality, adjustable desk chair with plenty of support for my back and arms. So, I ordered a good chair, a footrest, and some other items for my workstation and watched my mood and comfort level rise steadily.

The moral of the story is that whether you are in-office, at home, or a student, high quality furniture is a necessity to focus on what is important – your clients, customers, and tasks at hand. In this month’s Fabulous Four, let’s explore some other furniture options that can make your workday more comfortable, efficient and at a cost-effective price.

Best New Item: Flash Furniture Advantage 18″ Student Stack School Chair

Flash Furniture Student Stack School Chair

With school starting in only a few short weeks, classrooms everywhere are being prepared for the kids’ glorious return to learning. Along with the children comes the inevitable wear and tear of classroom supplies and furniture, which is where the Flash Furniture Advantage chair comes in.

In terms of durability, this little guy is an absolute beast. Made from high density polypropylene and 18 Gauge steel, these are chairs made to last. They are stackable so when the cleaning crew comes, they can be easily stored in the corner of the room taking up very little precious floor space. As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, they come with a ten-year warranty – though I doubt you’ll ever need it.

Unsung Hero: Vari® Active Seat

Vari Active Seat

I never knew I needed this until I tried one while in the office one day and now I’m hooked. Technically, this is a stool, but for me it’s more of a stool/chair hybrid. First, it arrives fully assembled so you can put your Allen wrenches away. Second, it’s adjustable, and has a super comfortable and cushioned seat. Lastly, and this is the best part… it has a flexible “hinge” at its base making it so you can lean forward in a sitting/ standing position. If you are physically active at your station and like to sit, stand, or lean throughout the course of your workday, this seat is built for you.

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: deflecto® Polycarbonate All Day Use Chair Mat for Hard Floor

deflecto All Day Use Chair Mat for Hard Floor

I recently purchased this floor mat to protect my newly-finished hardwood floors.  Before this renovation, my floor was damaged pretty badly from my desk chair wheels and I was determined this time around to not let that happen. This mat is durable, rigid and its exceptional clarity lets my new floors shine through.

MVP: Hon® Ignition 2.0 Ilira-Stretch Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair

Hon Mid Back Mesh Task Chair

This month’s MVP is pretty tough to beat so it’s no surprise that it won the top spot. For all-around comfort and versatility, HON® chairs are simply the best. The Ignition 2.0 features a stretch mesh back, fabric seat and wheels to seamlessly move around your workstation. In terms of versatility, it has adjustable arms, lumbar support, and a super-cool tilt mechanism so that you can control your recline and comfort. I have one of these in my home office. I like to lean back and obnoxiously contemplate every question my kids ask me – scratching my chin, sort of like The Godfather. I think I need a cat to stroke menacingly to round out the image though.

There you have it – four items that highlight W.B. Mason’s vast office and business furniture offerings. Poke around and find the item that suits your needs and watch your mood brighten up as well. Just don’t touch the thermostat.