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Welcome to this month’s Fabulous Four where we will be focusing on Foodservice, my absolute favorite category. From cups to disposable plates, cutlery, cookware, disposable containers as well as larger equipment and much more, we have what you need. Without these useful tools and gadgets, all of the delicious food I’m craving could never be ordered, prepped, made, and delivered. So let’s explore some simple products that can make your business or breakroom thrive and my stomach satisfied.

Best New Item: Chef’s Supply Insulated Hot Cup 
Ouch! That’s what I usually think when I see your standard paper coffee cup. We all know that scorching feeling when you pick up a hot cup of coffee that was poured into one of these thin, flimsy, burn-waiting-to-happen cups. But wait – now we have the Insulated Hot Cup from W.B. Mason’s Chef Supply brand. With these little guys, there is no need for double cupping. It keeps your coffee hot and your hand cool with its specially insulated design – isn’t that cool? On top of that, they look great and stack easily in the breakroom, coffee shop, or restaurant.  Now I’ll take that with cream and 2 sugars, please! 

Unsung Hero: MeyerPak™ MeyerDividers™ Taco Divider 
Let’s face it, Tacos are having a moment. Everyone loves them and the options out there seem to be endless. The days when my mom would slap some greasy ground beef on a hard shell with some dried-out cheddar cheese only to have the whole thing shatter with the first bite – are thankfully gone. Now, tacos are available not only as delicious street food but also in higher-end restaurants with all different options to fill them. If you’ve worked really hard in your kitchen to create the most delicious tacos possible for your patrons, and it literally all falls apart before it even gets to them – that’s a problem. In comes the simplest yet most useful taco technology since the corn tortilla – Taco dividers! Perfect for dividing 2-3 tacos and keeping them upright and looking beautiful while your lucky customers enjoy every bite. They can also fit in take-out boxes to make transport a cinch. Now, I’ll take the beef brisket with Mexican street corn on a flour tortilla, please.   

Product Most Likely to be Found in My Home: Winco® Panini Grill 
I love a pressed sandwich. Turkey, Bacon, with a pesto spread and some roasted red peppers… mmmmm. I make all kinds of sandwiches for myself and the kids at home. As simple as grilled cheese, and sometimes, far more elaborate with homemade bread and other unique ingredients. Typically I press down with a spatula, or sometimes, use the underside of a second frying pan but nothing beats an industrial, professional sandwich press. The Winco Panini Grill has ribbed cast iron grill plates, so you’ll get those textured grill lines on both sides. It’s made of stainless steel and has a hinged top plate so you can fit all sorts of sized sandwiches, big and small. I think I’ll do a Turkey Rueben next, please.

MVP: Chef’s Supply PET Cup 

This month’s most valuable product is a simple, but undeniable staple for any type of food service business or breakroom. The 100% recyclable, clear plastic cup.  Perfect for water, soda, iced tea, lemonade, or anything that should be enjoyed on ice. The rolled rim is a subtle yet important design feature that brings comfort with every sip. If you really want to get the party going, include the lid with recyclable straw and enjoy your drink on the go. Let’s see – I think I’m craving a half lemonade half iced tea.

That’ll do it for this month’s Fabulous Four. That’ll also do it for my diet. Now, I’m pretty hungry and want some tacos. Maybe some pressed tacos? I need to order that press…I’ll let you know how it goes!