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How to Make Your Office Creative

By August 30, 2022December 22nd, 2022Management & Productivity, Workplace & Office
creative office space decorated to inspire creativity

Much about the world has changed when it comes to how people do business. Marketing has changed, advertising has changed, and even where people work from has changed. The space you work in doesn’t have to be a lonely cubical with limited color and no room for imagination, so let’s discover how to make any office into a more creative office space where you and those around you feel inspired and motivated to do great work.

What are some creative office space ideas?

There is so much you can do to your space to make it more creative and inspire great ideas. Here are some simple ways to add more creativity to your office, in hopes that it helps employees be more productive and happier while at work:

Upgrading Old Furniture

Switching out old and outdated office furniture and upgrading to pieces that will optimize the space your office has to offer has so many great benefits. Instead of cubical walls separating your employees from one another, try one or two long conference tables rather than keeping everyone in their own small space. People who work with others in close proximity without division can be more productive throughout the day because they can bounce ideas off each other easier. Even with cubicles and separation, you cannot limit the number of times employees get up and ask a co-worker a question or for an opinion. Having them at larger desk areas encourages them to be free to discuss and converse with one another about work-related topics and without causing distractions to others.

Open spaces also tend to be more comfortable for people to work in rather than small spaces, which can become claustrophobic overtime. Smaller spaces tend to leave little room for motivation which limits creativity. Large spaces will also help employees communicate better with one another, sparking creativity and innovation. If your office has the means and the room, open the space with furniture that will promote conversation, imagination, and creativity among your employees.

Utilizing Large Rooms for Collaboration

If you find that business is better and more effectively done when people are at their own workstations, utilize a large room for collaboration or meetings that can be designated for new ideas or ways on how to improve business. This part of your creative office environment can be equipped with a conference table, comfortable chairs, a white board to write on, and décor that inspires people. Having an area dedicated to business advancement is beneficial because people tend to do better work when they are collaborating with others. From asking questions, to sharing ideas and common goals, a large meeting room is a great place for creativity to be at the forefront. Shop office chairs and other seating accessories from W.B. Mason to give your conference room a more creative office solution.

Maximize Employees’ Workspace

If your office isn’t big enough to accommodate a large conference table for everyone to work at or if your company is just too large in terms of the number of employees, try upgrading your employees’ individual office desk. For a creative office design, getting simple computer desks with limited drawer space is a great way to maximize your space. Be sure that the desks you choose are functional for the industry you are in and can accommodate the employees that will be using them every day.

Ensuring a Functional and Comfortable Work Setting

Making sure employees are comfortable all day at work is important in generating innovative ideas for business. Having functional yet comfortable chairs that your employees will sit on for up to eight hours per day is essential in keeping them happy while they work. If they are not comfortable doing their work, they can easily get distracted which fringes upon the number of tasks getting done throughout the day, thus, limiting potential creativity. With that, encouraging them to get up from their chairs a few times per day is beneficial in sparking creativity because sitting for too long can contribute to feeling tired and fatigued. Moving around generates proper blood flow and allows for someone to feel a bit rejuvenated when coming back to their desk after a break.

Adding Color and Décor to Ensure a Positive Workspace

Keeping people happy and energetic around the office is also important for running a successful company and inspiring creativity. Some ways to improve this would be to implement creative office designs either with furniture or décor. Working in a bland office without much on the walls will make it difficult to think creatively and be productive.

Adding splashes of color or an accent wall decorated with local art is a great place to start, along with adding fun rugs and fake plants to make the office feel homey. Encouraging employees to decorate their personal space will also contribute to creativity, as customizing their space may help them stay motivated and work efficiently. Different colors are actually proven to make people feel certain ways, for example, green is calming and relaxing, red is energetic, and yellow is cheerful. Keep that in mind when choosing colors for the walls or different pieces in your office because it can promote creativity whether your employees know it or not.

Snacks and Sunlight

Along with making people feel more energetic or happy at work, make sure your employees are getting enough sunlight to keep their brains working and thinking. It has been proven that sunlight is important with cognitive function, so without it, your employees might not be being as productive as they can be.

If you have windows in the office, be sure to open up the curtains or blinds to let in the light. Offering amenities like snacks, coffee, and drinks throughout the day from the break room is also a great way to boost energy around the office. Make sure to offer healthier alternatives to keep your employees bright-eyed all day long, along with fun treats that they enjoy.

An Idea Board for Office Inspiration

If you want to implement creativity and encourage employees to share their ideas, add a large dry erase board or a cork board to a central location in the office such as the conference room or break room, where people can share ideas or suggestions during the day. Writing thoughts down turns them into something bigger and can be a talking point during the day where others can share opinions and ideas as well.

Choose an area of the office where is most visible to everyone and dedicate it to sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions on anything; work related or not. This might spark some great conversations between co-workers and might even be the beginning of a new venture.

Motivation and Daily Quotes

To get the wheels turning every day, we all need some sort of motivation. A daily motivational quote sent out via email or on display for everyone in the office to see is a great way to inspire creativity in the workplace. For a creative office wall design, you can dedicate a wall or an area in the office for motivational décor or have colleagues take turns coming up with a motivational quote for the rest of the office each day.

For more creative office ideas and interior layouts that promote openness and imagination, W.B. Mason offers interior design services. Our virtual galleries can inspire you and can offer various designs to choose from, leaving W.B. Mason as your one stop shop for everything from office supplies to office furniture. We have experts who can help you with every step of the way and even help with installation to make your creative office dream a reality.

Why is creativity in the office important?

 Having a workspace where thoughts can flow and are supported by everyone around you is important in maintaining office productivity and learning about the world around us. Business has shifted in the last few decades in many ways, and by offering an inclusive space that enhances creativity is a space where new ideas will turn into bigger things.

Many factors like office design, furniture, color, and décor have a lot to do with how creativity is valued in office settings, especially an office that sells a product or service. You want to make sure that your employees have the ability to think freely during the day and are able to sell whatever it is that your business sells in the most effective way.

The environments we put ourselves in each day has an effect on the ways our brains work, and by altering the office into becoming a more comfortable, colorful, and spacious place, creativity and inspiration will come to your employees faster. Who knows? Your employee could be the next creator of a product or piece of technology that can help the world become a better place or make an aspect of life easier.

Being creative is now an important addition to most job descriptions in the business world. Creativity can only help us; it can never hurt us, so why not transform your office into a space where creativity and imagination are just as important as everything else in your unique business model?


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