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In the age of remote work, fostering a strong company culture and building genuine connections within your team can be very important. For those who work almost or completely remote, the casual watercooler conversations and shared lunches may be over, but we’re here to prove that building team spirit doesn’t have to suffer just because your team isn’t in the same building. Virtual games can be a fun and engaging activity that transcends physical distance to bring your team closer, one laugh (or competitive groan) at a time. So, the next time you have a team bonding session scheduled, remember these games to help strengthen the connection between your team members.

Why Virtual Games Matter:

Let’s face it, staring at faces on a screen all day can get monotonous. Virtual games can inject much-needed fun and laughter into the routine, boosting morale and creating a more positive work environment. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity, improved communication, and stronger team bonds between one another. Plus, games can provide a platform for informal interactions, helping colleagues discover hidden talents, shared interests, and unexpected quirks that deepen their understanding of each other.

Ready to unleash the power of play? Here are five virtual games perfect for your remote team:

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

Channel your inner Indiana Jones with a virtual scavenger hunt! Create a list of items or tasks participants need to find or complete around their homes or online (think: “Find something blue,” “Take a picture with your pet,” “Build a structure out of office supplies”). Divide into teams, set a time limit, and let the hunt begin! The team with the most completed tasks or the most creative finds wins. For a collaborative twist, have teams work together to solve clues that lead them to the final “treasure.”

2. Pictionary (with a Twist):

Dust off your artistic (or not-so-artistic) skills with a virtual Pictionary game. Use platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Miro’s collaborative whiteboard to draw prompts while others guess. Take it up a notch by incorporating company-specific themes or inside jokes. Bonus points can be given for the most hilarious (or confusing) creations!

3. Online Trivia Showdown:

Put your collective knowledge to the test with a virtual trivia night! Use platforms like Kahoot! or Quizizz to create custom quizzes based on general knowledge, pop culture, or even company trivia. This is a great way to learn fun facts about colleagues and discover hidden areas of expertise. Award prizes for the trivia champion (and maybe a booby prize for the most outlandish guess!).

4. “Two Truths and a Lie” Reimagined:

This classic icebreaker gets a virtual makeover. Instead of sharing in person, have everyone type their three statements (two truths and one lie) in the chat. Others then vote on which one they think is the lie, sparking conversation and laughter as identities are revealed. For a collaborative twist, have teams work together to craft the most believable (and deceptive) statements.

5. Virtual Murder Mystery:

Unleash your inner detective with a virtual murder mystery game. Platforms like The Murder Mystery Co. and Whodunnit offer online experiences where participants take on roles, gather clues, and solve a whodunit together. This is a fantastic way to encourage teamwork, communication, and critical thinking in a fun and engaging setting.

There are lots of other virtual team bonding games out there to try, these were just our top five. If you wanted to tailor your game to your specific co-workers, have then fill out a questionnaire and make up your own trivia game! This can help your team get to know one another better and might even strike up some personal stories and connections. Making up your own jeopardy game with niche topics or getting the team together to play an already established online game would be fun as well. Just because you aren’t with your teammates in person, doesn’t mean you can’t dedicate some time to virtually play a game and bond as a team.

Bonus Tips for Virtual Game Success:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Aim for games that can be played within 30-60 minutes to avoid time constraints and maintain engagement.
  • Be inclusive: Choose games that cater to different skill sets and interests to ensure everyone feels involved.
  • Embrace technology: Utilize online platforms and tools to enhance the gaming experience.
  • Get creative: Add your own unique spin to classic games or invent your own!
  • Most importantly, have fun! Laughter and enjoyment are the true prizes.

By incorporating virtual games into your remote work routine, you can foster a more connected, engaged, and productive team. So, grab your virtual dice, dust off your thinking caps, and get ready to play! Remember, even from miles apart, a little playful interaction can go a long way in building a strong and successful team.


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