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4 Hybrid Working Tips

By April 27, 2022December 30th, 2022Workplace & Office
Hybrid Working

Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have implemented a hybrid work model. This type of work has given employees more flexibility while remaining productive and connected. As warmer weather beings to set in, people are looking for ways to work from anywhere and that means needing the necessary capabilities and products.

With new hybrid work environments, it is essential to have the right technology and supplies that improve productivity and reduce interruptions. It can be hard making the initial transition to hybrid working, but having each workspace organized and stocked with supplies will make it smoother. With these tips, navigating hybrid work is easier than ever.

Tips for Hybrid Work

1. Replicate your office set up at home

Having a similar set up at home can make the transition to hybrid work much simpler and less stressful. With recreating your office, you will have all the supplies and tools you need to be successful at home. W.B. Mason is proud to offer all necessary office products ranging from staplers and file folders to pens and calendars.

2. Go paperless as much as possible

Going paperless can reduce clutter and keep files all stored in one location. Flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives can decrease the amount of paper and simplify the transition between office and home workspaces.

3. Invest in technology accessories

Having the same connection at home is essential to a successful hybrid work environment. Investing in wireless keyboards, mice, headsets, and other accessories can give you the capability to work from anywhere.

4. Stay organized and manage your day

Staying organized in both your office and home workspaces can become difficult and create confusion. With the purchase of various calendars and file folders for both spaces, you’ll be able to stay organized and manage daily appointments with ease.

At W.B. Mason, we offer a wide variety of products that compliment every workspace. Whether you are looking for wireless keyboards or on-the-go appointment books, W.B. Mason has it all!



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