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W.B. Mason Interiors Spotlight: St. Raphael Academy

By October 19, 2021January 17th, 2023Furniture, W.B. Mason Interiors
St Raphael Academy Interior

If you’re looking to optimize or redesign your corporate workplace or school building, W.B. Mason Interiors has you covered!

W.B. Mason Interiors recently completed an all-inclusive design project including furniture selections, interior flooring, interior paint, and artwork at St. Raphael Academy in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The newly renovated student center, named after the Millis Family, is an adaptable space that encourages collaborative learning for its students and faculty.

We caught up with St. Raphael Academy to learn more about The Millis Family Student Center and the inspiration behind the project:

1. What were the project goals for St. Raphael Academy?
St. Raphael Academy: This project entailed a complete renovation of a space within the White Building, Saint Raphael Academy’s original school building when the high school opened its doors almost a century ago. Our goal was to renovate the space into a student center – a place that would encourage collaborative learning, offer access to technology, and be a place to enjoy classmates’ company during downtime.

2. What are the benefits of completing this project for St. Raphael and its students?
St. Raphael Academy:
The space had become dated and was not being used to its full potential.

3. What is your favorite space/room from this project?
St. Raphael Academy: The photography artwork was a wonderful and surprise last moment touch that offers the perfect nod to the school’s long history.

4. What mattered most to St. Raphael Academy throughout this project?
St. Raphael Academy: It was important to us that the space be flexible enough to adapt to different uses. It also had to appeal and be comfortable for both students and adults.

5. Why did you choose W.B. Mason Interiors to complete this project?
St. Raphael Academy: We have worked with W.B. Mason when remodeling multiple spaces around our 8-building campus and have always been pleased with the outcome.

6. Did our services meet your company’s needs and provide the best overall solution?
St. Raphael Academy: W.B. Mason offered guidance in the early planning stages when we were deciding how to best use the space and offered suggestions that we hadn’t previously considered. They respected our budget and worked within it.

7. Did W.B. Mason oversee every aspect of your project? Including designers, architects, and general contractors?
St. Raphael Academy: Our project was only a remodel, but W.B. Mason helped with space layout, furniture selection, fabric/paint/flooring choices, and installation.

8. Did W.B. Mason communicate clearly and promptly?
St. Raphael Academy: W.B. Mason communicated well, keeping the multiple parties on our end informed and update as decisions were made and the installation took place.

9. Did you enjoy working with W.B. Mason Interiors?
St. Raphael Academy: We enjoyed working with W.B. Mason and anticipate that they’ll be contacted when we begin our next remodel. In an 8-building, college-style high school campus, there are always projects underway!

Looking to start a new project or update your space? Connect with us to learn more about W.B. Mason Interiors!