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Staying Organized in 2022, Are You Prepared?

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As 2021 slowly comes to an end, many of us begin to think about the upcoming year. What new year resolutions will I make? Will I plan any vacations? How will I stay organized? All these questions have us glancing back to our go-to office and home accessory: our calendars.

My House of Doolittle calendar has always been that one item that I simply cannot go a day without looking at. It not only reminds me of upcoming events, but it helps me keep both my professional and personal life organized.

House of Doolittle provides a wide range of products from desk calendars to planners. These products are perfect for every desk space and even when you’re on the go. Their products are not only high quality, but they are environmentally friendly too. All House of Doolittle products are 100% recycled and contain 100% post-consumer paper certified by the FSC. In addition to being environmentally friendly, all House of Doolittle products are manufactured right here in the USA.

House of Doolittle Calendar
House of Doolittle Planner

As the world slowly begins to open again, I seem to find myself busier than ever. Staying organized with my House of Doolittle planner and calendar allows me to organize my work duties while still making time for myself. When it comes to managing my calendar, I try to follow these steps:

1. Block out time slots for meetings and appointments:
As simple as this may seem, there are times when an abundance of meetings and calls can get overwhelming. I always block out time in my calendar for specific meetings and appointments whether they are for work or my personal life. By doing this, I can manage my other responsibilities without creating conflicts in my schedule.

2. Color code based on type of appointment, meeting, or task:
I realize that to many people using colorful markers and highlighters on a calendar may seem childish, but it’s a lifesaver. With just a glance at my calendar I know which tasks are work responsibilities and which are personal appointments based on the colors I use. You can even use colors to label different types or categories of tasks – from meeting to important deadlines to reminders to talk to a co-worker about an upcoming project, this trick is a quick and easy way to differentiate your tasks.

3. Put time aside to spend time with family and friends:
For most people, finding time to spend with your family and friends can be difficult, as other responsibilities tend to crowd our schedules. As important as work is, you should always make time to relax and focus on maintaining your important relationships. I always block out a few hours a week to sit down and get together with my family and friends. When things start to get stressful at work, taking the time to catch up with your loved ones is a great relief.

House of Doolittle’s calendars and planners have allowed me to navigate and organize my schedule better than ever. If you want to stay organized and never miss another due date or appointment, a House of Doolittle calendar or planner is the right purchase for you!