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Food & SnacksKellogg'sWorkplace & Office

Childhood Snacks for the Office

May 31, 2023
Who says childhood snacks can’t be enjoyed by adults at work? Homestyle Rice Krispies Treats,…
EducationSchool SuppliesWorkplace & Office

Modern Classroom Must-Haves

May 9, 2023
Modern classroom must-haves can include supplies, decorations, and furniture. Celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Day by sprucing…
fab four man with speech bubble hospitality
HospitalityWorkplace & Office

W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Hospitality

May 3, 2023
Keeping guests and employees happy is very important. Explore some products that hotels, offices, and…

Management & Productivity


woman writing tasks in journal
Management & ProductivityOffice SuppliesOrganization

Tips & Tricks to Stay Organized: Bullet Journaling

May 17, 2023
Between work, school, and life events, staying organized can be difficult. Bullet journaling is an…
person picking out document from folder
Management & Productivity

How to Organize Business Expenses for Taxes

March 8, 2023
Organizing business expenses for taxes can be important for recordkeeping and business operations. File folders,…
sitting at table working from home
Management & Productivity

Tips for Working Remotely

March 2, 2023
Many tips for working remotely include staying organized, dedicating an office space, and taking breaks.…

Health & Safety


red bag surrounded by medical supplies
Health & SafetyMedical & HealthcareSafety Equipment

What Should be in a First Aid Kit

May 24, 2023
Over-the-counter medications, wound care supplies, and medical tools are what should be in a first-aid…
wb mason man with speech bubble highlighting fabulous four
Health & SafetyMaintenance & JanitorialWorkplace & Office

W.B.’s Fabulous Four: Facilities Maintenance

April 5, 2023
In this month’s Fabulous Four, explore some products that can make your business one of…
Man with insulated bag delivering a pizza
Health & SafetyRestaurant & Foodservice

How to Keep Pizza Warm

January 19, 2023
Pizza will stay warm in a box for about thirty minutes on its own. Heated…

Community & Engagement


multicolored candy shaped hearts
CandyCommunity & EngagementHolidays

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

January 26, 2023
Valentine’s Day candy and celebrations during work hours can impact productivity. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at…
Community & EngagementWriting Supplies

How to Make Personalized Holiday Wrapping Paper

December 22, 2022
How can I use Sharpie markers for gift wrapping? Holiday gift wrapping can be a…
Cornucopia with orange and white pumpkins as Thanksgiving decor
Community & EngagementHolidaysWorkplace & Office

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

November 21, 2022
What is the history of Thanksgiving, and when it is this year? Thanksgiving is a…