Fabulous Four Coffee

Empires have been built on it and revolutions have been fueled by it. The world’s love for it crosses social, political, and cultural divides. It’s versatile, without pretention, and just about everyone loves it. What on earth could I be referring to? Well, coffee of course! That magical little roasted bean that helps open your eyes in the morning, can be strong, is a little romantic at times, and brings friends together. Where would I be without coffee? Well, I’d probably be napping instead of writing this, and I certainly would be less productive. Coffee is personal. How we take our coffee can say a lot about who we are. I personally take my coffee with a little almond milk and 1 sugar. Some people like it flavored, some like it light and sweet, some like it straight-up black. No matter what your preference, coffee tastes great and is a part of our everyday lives.

Here at W.B. Mason, coffee is a very big part of our lives as a company. We proudly caffeinate our customers with a wide variety of K-Cup® pods, whole bean, and ground coffee. We have dozens of flavors to choose from, a multitude of creamers, and we even offer the brewers to get it all made and ready to enjoy. Call it one-stop shopping for your home and office coffee needs. In this month’s “Fabulous Four”, I’m highlighting 4 of my favorites in this delicious category.

Best Seasonal Item: Green Mountain Coffee® Seasonal Selections Pumpkin Spice K-Cup® Pods

Pumpkin Spice K Cup Pod

Green Mountain Coffee’s Seasonal Selections includes the much-loved Pumpkin Spice K-Cup® pod just in time for fall. It smells great, is creamy and tastes like pumpkin pie. Personally, this is an autumn treat for weekend mornings while I sit on my deck in my slippers, enjoying the crisp weather and the change in foliage. Don’t tell anyone, but this delicious brew pairs perfectly with all the candy I will be stealing from my kids Halloween buckets. I tell them that tiny elves steal it in the night. Suckers! Nope… it’s just dad. This seasonal item is only around for a limited time, so stock up!

Unsung Hero: Green Mountain Coffee® Brew Over Ice Classic Black K-Cup® Pods

Brew Over Ice K Cup Pod

This month’s hidden treasure is my fiancé’s favorite. She drinks iced coffee year-round so having a healthy supply in stock is a must. Super easy to make, you simply brew it like any other K-Cup® pod, just do it over ice in a tumbler. Add cream, milk or sweetener and you’re good to go. I also appreciate the full flavor and the fact that it doesn’t taste watered down, so I’m known to swipe one here or there from her stash (shhhh…). Boom! Iced coffee at home!

MVP: Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend Coffee K-Cup® Pods

Breakfast Blend K Cup Pod

This month’s most valuable product comes from none other than Green Mountain Coffee®. Breakfast blends are my favorite at all times of the day. The light roasted Arabica bean is bright and vibrant with a smooth finish, making it an easy to drink pick-me-up that’s less intense than a darker roast. This is my standard cup that has become a staple in the morning as it wakes me up slowly and without an unwanted jolt or aftertaste. Also, a great flavor to keep around for serving guests after a meal as it is a safe choice that most coffee drinkers enjoy.

Most likely to be found in my home: Keurig® K-1500™ Commercial Coffee Maker

Keurig K 1500 Coffee Maker

Despite the dozens of coffee varieties, these K-Cup® pods wont brew themselves. That’s where the K-1500 comes to play. Yes, I know this is designed with enough durability and features for a small business, but I drink a small business’s worth of coffee! This workhorse can brew a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa in under a minute. On top of that, its super quiet, has 3 different size settings, and has an extra-large water reservoir so I’m not refilling it every 5 minutes. I haven’t even gotten to the best feature… it has a “Strong” button (drops the mic). When I’m dozing off at my desk at 3pm, you better believe I’m hitting that button for a little bolder and more intense flavor to whatever pod I chose!

That’s it for this month’s review. Keep an eye out for a new Fabulous Four every month around this time. Now, go get yourself a cup of coffee and take on the world!

“Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring coffee.”