Fabulous Four Break Room

I’ll admit it, when I hear the word “snacks” at work, I have a bit of a Pavlovian response. My ears perk up, I start to feel hungry, and I find myself moving towards the break room. Like a puppy who hears the dinner bell ring, I am programmed for that mid-afternoon treat or drink. Long before working from home became a thing, office culture was already changing quickly. A well-stocked break room has become an essential part of productivity. It encourages employees to stay on site, as opposed to venturing out of the office to look for snacks or coffee which can lead to inefficient use of time. Providing employees with a little nourishment, coffee or a soda is now a baseline perk for companies looking to attract talent as well. I am no exception to this because the path to my heart goes through my stomach. This month’s Fabulous Four will focus on my favorite place in the office, the break room!

Best Seasonal Item: Nestle® Hot Cocoa Mix

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix

Montezuma II, the emperor of the Aztecs in the 16th century was rumored to have had 50 cups of hot chocolate per day, and even enjoyed it from a golden goblet. While my personal mug is a bit simpler in stature, I can certainly appreciate ol’ Monty’s love for hot cocoa. Nestle’s “Rich Chocolate” only requires milk or water to be added for a sweet treat that has 35% less sugar than other brands. This way, you can enjoy it at work and at home with less guilt and more flavor. After sledding with the kids, we simply add some marshmallows and some holiday music to get festive with the season. Bottoms Up!

Unsung Hero: RX Bar® Mixed Berry Protein Bars

RX Bar Mixed Berry

I’ve finally found the perfect healthy snack for the workday, and it tastes great too. Let me start with what these amazing protein bars aren’t: they have zero added sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no soy and have none of those GMO’s you keep hearing about. So, what is it made of then? Well, only natural goodness that will help keep you fit and feeling great. 12 grams of protein made from egg whites and a mix of nuts and berries that add up to only 210 calories. Perfect for staving off hunger without feeling bloated. Comes in a box of 12 and there are a variety of flavors to choose from. Who knew such a treat exists?! Here’s to keeping your workforce healthy and happy!

Most Valuable Product: Coffee Mate® Original Coffee Creamer, Single Serve Cups

Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer

It’s really no surprise that this is the MVP this month. Let’s face it, unless you’re a lumberjack, or you happen to like the bitter taste of black coffee, creamer is essential to that morning mug of joe. Coffee Mate’s creamer cups are exceedingly convenient, and taste great too. These single servings don’t need refrigeration, and come in a box of 360, so you won’t need to worry about them going bad or running out too quickly. Bonus: they are lactose and gluten free, so more of the office can enjoy them. I use two in every cup, and it adds a rich creamy flavor to each one. Available in French Vanilla and Hazelnut too!

Most Likely to Be Found in My Home: Hershey’s® Nugget Assortment

Hersheys Nugget Assortment

In the office, It’s all green tea and lean protein bars. I’d be lying if I said that healthy attitude made it home with me. The only thing healthy about my home snacking is the assortment of Hersheys chocolates I have to choose from. This 31.5 oz bag provides the choice of milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, special dark mildly sweet chocolate with almonds & my favorite – extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almonds. I like to hide a bag of these in my toolbox in the garage so my family will never know where to find them and I can have them all to myself. In a related question, does anyone know the best way to remove chocolate from my keyboard?

That’ll do it for this month’s Fabulous Four. Stay tuned for next month’s selection of shipping & packaging products. In the meantime, check out these products and keep that break room stocked!