WB Mason Mix

I miss mixed tapes.  For those of you who were born after Napster changed the music world, us old folks used to create what we affectionately referred to as a “mixed tape”.  This was a carefully crafted list of songs to accompany a theme or occasion, recorded or “dubbed” onto a cassette. (The lost technology between records and CD’s). Going on a road trip?  Let’s make a mixed tape.  Need some tunes for your workout?  Mixtape!  Have a crush?  Oh, you better spend some time on a really good mixtape. Your future relationship could depend on it!  Alas, the 1980’s are not coming back, and neither is the classic mixed tape.  What we have now is still pretty cool, and while less romantic, the “Play List” is super easy to make and highly convenient to create on Spotify or Pandora.  

With so many playlists to choose from I can hardly believe that somebody has yet to create an office supplier themed one.  I mean, what better tunes are there to groove to while you work!  I decided to take it upon myself to create the first ever “W.B. Mason playlist”.  So, as you sit in your home office, with your pajamas and slippers on… turn up the volume on your computer speakers and prepare to rock out. 

  1. Taking Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive 
  2. Always on Time – Ja Rule Ashanti 
  3. The Office Theme Song – Scrantones 
  4. Pencil Thin Mustache – Jimmy Buffett 
  5. Signed Sealed Delivered – Stevie Wonder 
  6. Paper Rings – Taylor Swift 
  7. Eraser – Ed Sheeran 
  8. Ink – Coldplay 
  9. Paper Planes – MIA 
  10. 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton 
  11. Paperback Writer – Beatles 
  12. Stands and Deliver – Adams and the Ants 

If that doesn’t get your blood moving, you better check your pulse. I know I just became 1,000 times more productive, and it reminded me that I need to order more printer ink at the same time (thank you Coldplay!). So, while the era of the mixed tape might be over, I think this list delivers. Check out this playlist on Spotify and enjoy!

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