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Getting Ready for Business Tax Season

By January 18, 2022December 23rd, 2022Workplace & Office
Getting Ready for Business Tax Season

Preparing for tax season can be stressful but with the right guidance and tax forms, worry is a thing of the past.

With tax season right around the corner, it is important to understand what needs to be done in preparation. This includes organizing and having all the correct tax forms. Being organized is a big step in getting ready for tax season. No matter the number of employees you have, keeping all the tax forms in order is essential. By purchasing filing products such as file folders, companies can keep track of all necessary forms.

TOPS provides a variety of products ranging from tax forms and envelopes to filing and organization. All these products can help businesses prepare for tax season. TOPS prides themselves on being up to date on the latest IRS requirements and makes sure companies are always prepared for the new year. It is essential to get the correct envelopes for each tax form. When it comes to the most recent IRS change to the 1099-NEC format, businesses will need to make sure they are buying the correct envelopes to go with the new 3 per page format. Luckily for companies, TOPS is always adjusting their product assortment and making these necessary changes.

With the help of TOPS’s buying guide, businesses can ensure they are buying the right materials for their tax season:

TOPS Buying Guide for Tax Forms

    1. Determine the number of employees/recipients needed to process.
    2. Determine the kit needed.
        • W-2 forms – Available in 4 part and 6 part to meet requirements for each city and state
        • 1099 forms – Available in 4 part and 5 part

    3. Determine the number of kits needed by your company.

    4. Purchase Envelopes

Be sure to check out TOPS to see all they offer for all your business tax season needs and more!